Volkswagen SOL Electric brand Launched In China With Its First Model E20X


Even though most of the technology is shared with iEV7S, Volkswagen has made lots of changes on design to make the SOL E20X look different

Electric cars are the new trend in Chinese market. Almost every manufacturer participated in the Beijing International Auto Show has revealed either production or concept electric cars. Volkswagen is also following the trend as the company officially revealed SOL which is the new electric sub-brand for Chinese market.

SOL will introduce three models in coming years and the first E20X compact electric SUV has been revealed at Beijing. The SOL E20X is not a complete product from ground up as it based on JAC iEV7S platform. JAC (Jianghuai Automobile) is the partner of Volkswagen in China.

SOL E20X 1

Even though most of the technology is shared with iEV7S, Volkswagen has made lots of changes on design to make it look different as they don’t want people to know that it is based on iEV7S. The design of E20X takes inspiration from Seat Ibiza which is owned by Volkswagen.

The front get closed grille which hides charging port along with big headlamps and wider bumper with faux skid plates. The side design is simple and one unique thing about E20X is that it has fuel filler port on the side as iEV7S is based on petrol SUV which is why the port is not yet removed.

SOL E20X 2

The rear also continues the aggressive theme from front with big tail lamps and small LED strip connecting them. The E20X shares the exact same length, width, height and wheelbase of iEV7S. The interior of E20X continues the inspiration theme from iEV7S but the air-vents, dashboard and centre console is different on this model.

But the software on the infotainment system will be carried over from JAC. We can expect E20X to come with keyless, push button start, automatic parking, 360 degree camera, remote control access, intelligent voice recognition and more.

Volkswagen hasn’t revealed engine details but E20X is expected to be powered by same electric motors from iEV7S which produces 116 hp of power and 300 km of range with fast charging. Volkswagen will begin sales of E20X later this year in China and the company hasn’t confirmed whether this model will coming to other countries also.