Volkswagen Small Diesel Cars to be Replaced by Mild Hybrids

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Volkswagen small diesel cars to be replaced by mild hybrids says R&D Chief Frank Welsch in the next two to three years

Volkswagen is preparing to phase out its small diesel cars in next two to three years. In place of them, petrol engines combined with 48V mild hybrid technology will be introduced. As the emission regulations are tightening and real world fuel efficiency testing is coming into force, diesel engines are becoming costlier. This is directly affecting the profit margins on small cars powered by diesel motors.

By introducing the low-emission petrol engines along with hybrid technology, the German automaker will be able to reduce the pollution level in its cars. Also it will improve the fuel efficiency in these vehicles. Speaking about the strategy, Volkswagen’s Research and Development Chief Frank Welsch has said, diesel engines are more expensive than petrol units and the distance is going to grow as the companies are working to meet tougher standards.

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Mr. Welsch has added, the 48V mild hybrid technology offers better energy recuperation and near silent start-stop. The engine cutting out and starting process go smoothly as well. Volkswagen presently has many customers for smaller diesel cars like Polo but in a few years the condition could change. Keeping that in mind, the company wants to convert its smaller diesel vehicles into petrol powered along with 48V mild hybrid tech.

Volkswagen is also emphasizing on electric powertrain. The company claims under its Vision 2025 project, there will be around 30 EVs rolled out by 2025 and these cars will start launching from 2020. Volkswagen has even disclosed that it wants to bring a bigger change in the automobile industry across the world.
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In Indian market, Volkswagen Polo is sold in both petrol and diesel variants and the stylish hatchback has many takers. With the fuel saving mild hybrid technology introduced this model it will surely become more appealing for the domestic customers.

Source: Autocar UK