Volkswagen Polo Airbags Deploy After Car Hits Pothole – Watch Video

Volkswagen Polo Airbags Deploy After Car Hits Pothole

The airbags of a Volkswagen Polo were deployed as the car suffered massive damage after a hitting a huge pothole, claimed to be over a foot deep

One can never be too cautious on Indian roads given the wide variety of surprises that lie on the public roads which can be witnessed by several hundred or even thousands of motorists before it is fixed by the authorities.

This problem gets further amplified during the monsoon season which, on top of all the existing problems, adds issues like water-logging. This, then makes the matter even worse as then there is corrosion on roads which gives birth to brand new potholes, some of which can even be highly dangerous for many.

One such situation has come to light from Mumbai where a resident by the name of Dezlan Chhoi hit a pothole in his Volkswagen Polo and his car suffered serious damage with both the airbags being deployed and the rear bumper of the car getting damaged. The incident happened on the freeway near Wadala and as per Dezlan, the depth of pothole was about 12-15 inches, which is over a foot!

As per the post shared by Dezlan, both the airbags of his Volkswagen Polo has been deployed and the bumper has partially come off as well. As claimed by Dezlan, the car was being driven at about 20-30 km/h at the time of hitting the pothole and as seen in the video, due to stagnant water, the pothole cannot really be seen.

On top of that, there are big rocks kept next to the pothole to make things worse and as a result, as the video goes on to show, almost everyone ends up going through the pothole – including trucks and two-wheeler riders manoeuvring around it. As per Dezlan, the total cost of repairs for this incident is going to cost around Rs 2 lakh.

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As shocking as it is to see the state of public roads during monsoons, it is even more concerning to think that under all that collected water could be a pothole big enough to physically damage the car and have such an impact even at low speeds like 20-30 km/h that the airbags deploy! Yes, it is high time to have the roads improve, but meanwhile, it is perhaps best to just be as safe as possible when on road.