Volkswagen To Launch Beetle Electric With RWD Layout


Volkswagen Beetle EV to be one of the 50 electric vehicles scheduled to launch by 2025; will get Rear Wheel Drive layout

Volkswagen is expected to launch an electric version of its iconic Beetle. The brand is currently mulling the plan to introduce the Beetle EV with a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) layout. The Beetle EV could arrive as part of the brand’s ambitious strategy to launch 50 electric models by 2025. The Volkswagen Beetle is expected to come as a sister model of the all-new microbus electric model that was previewed through the I.D. Buzz concept.

Report suggests the electric powered Volkswagen Beetle will be based on the German car manufacturer specially designed MEB architecture that has been developed keeping the upcoming electric vehicles in focus. as the brand says, a next generation VW Beetle will be much more attractive with an electric powertrain compared to a conventional fuel powered model.


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Apart from the electric powertrain, the next generation Beetle’s another specialty is going to be the Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) layout. Volkswagen’s new MEB platform comes with flexibility for multiple drivetrain layouts that include FWD, RWD and AWD. Also, expect the Volkswagen Beetle EV to be capable of running an impressive range without recharging the battery, as the MED platform enables an electric vehicle to be equipped with a battery than ensures a running range up to 600 km.

We can assume that next generation Volkswagen Beetle will come wearing a very interesting design and several modern elements without shedding its basic and iconic silhouette. Expect it to receive LED light package, an aerodynamic and modern design. Also, inside the cabin it would sport several upmarket features capable of luring the new age buyers.


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We can expect the Volkswagen Beetle EV would arrive sharing components with the brand’s I.D. concept based electric hatchback. In that case, it could get a 170 PS peak power generating electric motor positioned on the rear axle and combined with a highly powerful battery pack. Also, the new Beetle could be capable of running around 400 km without recharge.

Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept Images

Source: Autocar