Vladimir Putin To Add Electric Motorcycles To His Convoy

Aurus Escort Electric motorcycle 1

The President of Russia will be adding electric motorcycles to his convoy in 2022 – Russia-built Aurus Escort – for his security personnel

Vladimir Putin is slowly adding made-in-Russia vehicles to his presidential fleet, and replacing the older vehicles, with the help of NAMI’s Aurus brand. The automaker had previously prepared other conveyances for the Russian president, including the Aurus Senat limo and Komendant SUV. Both these vehicles are heavily armoured, the details of which are a guarded secret. Now, the manufacturer is developing new electric motorcycles for Putin’s security personnel, dubbed the ‘Escort’.

The Aurus Escort electric motorcycle is currently in the initial phases of development. The initial sketches show its design in all its glory; the motorcycle looks quite bulky, due to its full-size touring bike design. It gets a huge fairing, a large adjustable windscreen, and a pair of panniers, which will be used to store weapons and safety kits for the security.

The front suspension seems to be a telelever-type monoshock, while the rear suspension is a traditional monoshock. The final drive looks belt-drive, which should theoretically provide a smoother and quieter ride experience. The front wheel has a twin disc-brake setup, while the rear wheel gets a single disc.

Aurus Escort Electric motorcycle 2

Despite its bulky size, the motorcycle is expected to offer great performance. It will reportedly be powered by a 112 kW (150 hp) electric motor, which will propel this motorcycle to speeds of up to 240 kmph. The acceleration is also expected to be quick, owing to the instant torque delivery of electric motors. The riding position and ergonomics look relaxed, which will allow security people to be comfortable while on the road.

The motorcycle’s frame will reportedly be constructed out of aluminium, which will help keep the weight low. No other details are yet available about it. The Aurus Escort is expected to be ready in 2022, which is quite far from now. We shall have more specs and details when the motorcycle enters its final stages of development.

Aurus Escort Electric motorcycle 3

The addition of electric vehicles to a presidential fleet is quite a power move for global theatre. With the world slowly stepping towards electric mobility, this could be a good step towards a “green” future. In India as well, government offices are busy adding EVs to their arsenal. Recently, EESL added a bunch of Tata Nexon EVs and Hyundai Kona EVs to its fleet.