Vijay Mallya’s High-end Cars In The UK To Be Auctioned: UK Court Order

vijay mallya cars

Vijay Mallya’s UK assets including six cars will be auctioned, Range Rover, Ferrari, Porsche cars including in the auctioning

United Kingdom’s London High Court has given a verdict that allows authorities to sell six of Vijay Mallya’s high-end cars. The directive came after Vijay Mallya lost the ongoing case and the court ordered the authorities to sell the vehicles to recover the Rs. 10,000 loan amount that he owes to the various Indian banks.

The court ordered the immediate sale of the vehicles and also allowed the authorities to search and seize assets belonging to Mallya from two of his homes in UK. The six cars that were put up for auction consists of various high-end vehicles while some of them even get customised number plates.

The cars that are to be auctioned are 2016 MINI Cooper, 2012 Maybach 62, 2006 Ferrari F430, Land Rover Range Rover and a Porsche Cayenne. Several of his vehicles get customised number plates that are available at a premium in the UK.

The most expensive car in the auction list – Maybach 62 gets the “VJM1” number plate. The Ferrari F430 gets the “BO55 VJM” that translates into Boss Vijay Mallya while the Range Rover gets the “F1VJM” number plate that shows his previous ties with the Formula 1 team. His Porsche Cayenne gets the “0007 VJM” number plate indicating to the James Bond movies.2006 Ferrari F430 vijay mallyaThe UK judge Cockerill, who passed the judgement has said that the lowest value from the auction would be around £404,000 which is around Rs. 4 crores in Indian Rupees. Even though this is a fraction of the amount that needs to be recovered from the liquor baron, it would help recover a fraction of the total amount.


Vijay Mallya’s cars in India were already auctioned sometime back. A total of 30 cars were auctioned by the Indian authorities that included cars like Maserati, Rolls Royce and Ferrari. Incidentally, Vijay Mallya was recently spotted arriving at an event where the Indian cricket team was present in London in his Maybach 62.