Upcoming TVS e-Scooter’s TFT display & Connected Tech Teased


TVS teases the TFT display and connected features in its upcoming electric scooter, with sporty design and tech innovation at centre stage

TVS has been creating quite a buzz with its recent teaser campaign for an upcoming electric scooter. The company has strategically utilised social media channels to unveil glimpses of what the new EV has in store for enthusiasts and consumers alike. The latest one gives us a technical look at its new instrument cluster.

In the teaser, we see a multi-colour, fully-digital TFT instrument console, which features several colour themes. These various themes could be linked to different riding modes, or the instrument console may be customisable. This choice indicates a strong emphasis on advanced technology and connectivity, promising riders an immersive and fun digital experience.

Moreover, the teaser campaign hints at a range of connected features that could set this electric scooter apart from the competition. Notably, TVS has suggested the integration of smartwatch connectivity in another teaser, showcasing the possibility of unlocking the scooter using a smartwatch. This seamless interaction between wearable technology and the vehicle is likely to be a significant selling point, aligning with the growing trend of tech-savvy mobility solutions.


The silhouette and fascia portrayed in the teasers have sparked speculation that this electric scooter could be a production version of the Creon concept, initially introduced as a sporty design concept. This suggests a sporty and dynamic orientation for the scooter, which could attract younger riders looking for both performance and style.

Sleek LED indicators showcased in the teaser images emphasize the attention to design detail, indicating a visually appealing and well-crafted product. Speculations regarding its performance have led to comparisons with TVS’s Ntorq 125, suggesting that this electric scooter might deliver similar agility and power. Some even suggest it could be named the “Entorq”, for which the manufacturer even holds a trademark.

New TVS e-Scooter

TVS’ current electric offering, the iQube, caters to the practical segment. However, the upcoming electric scooter is set to compete in the sporty segment against formidable contenders like the Ather 450X, Simple One, and the updated Ola S1 Pro. With a launch date set for August 23rd, anticipation is building as enthusiasts eagerly await the full unveiling of this intriguing electric scooter.