Upcoming Hummer EV To Produce More Than 1000 HP; 0-96 In Sub 3 Seconds

gmc hummer ev

GM Hummer EV will be unveiled in the coming weeks and it will be the first of 20 electric vehicles planned by the brand until 2023

General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra recently discussed about the brand’s future product lineup and the steps taken for having an electrified series of vehicles. She does not expect to see a reduced portfolio of IC-engined vehicles though in the transition towards zero-emission vehicles, at least in the near future.

Due to the global health crisis, automobile manufacturers are hosting unveils of their new products online. She said in chat that GM will follow the same route as virtual launches will be the order of the day. The upcoming GMC Hummer EV will also likely be introduced through a digital platform.

She further explained that the American manufacturer will use virtual platform and augmented reality to tell the required story. AM General began retailing the civilian version of the M998 Humvee in 1992 and its immense popularity combined with the irresistible road presence led to GM buying the brand name in 1998.

hummer ev

It rose to fame in no time before getting discontinued in 2010 following the economic downturn a coupe of years ago. GM is poised to resurrect the Hummer nameplate as a brand new electric pickup truck. Underpinned by the BT1 EV architecture, it will be offered in three different configurations.

A single motor, dual and triple motors with varying range and performance will be part of the package. The top-of-the-line variant will be good enough to produce a maximum power output of more than 1000 hp. It is said to accelerate from zero to 96 kmph in around three seconds.

General Motors will be looking to make the most out of the Hummer name as both SUV and pickup truck body styles are in the works. The electric Hummer pickup will be the first to arrive. Initially slated to debut last month, the dire social and economic conditions have led to the postponing.

GM is aiming to unveil at least 20 EVs by 2023 as the Hummer EV will be followed by Cadillac Lyriq electric crossover. The latest set of teaser images indicate the presence of removable roof panels, open top roof, a wide and unique front grille with a thick light strip enclosed by horizontal bars having bold HUMMER lettering.