Upcoming Genesis GV70 Will Offer Fingerprint Scanner & Rear Passenger Detection

Genesis GV70 fingerprint scanner

The MY2022 Genesis GV70 will make use of Biometric systems and radar sensors to improve the convenience and safety of the SUV

The Genesis GV70 was globally unveiled a little while back, as the second SUV in the brand’s lineup. The GV70 is expected to go on sale in a few international markets, like the US, in the second half of 2021. The upcoming Genesis SUV is a luxury offering, which will rival the likes of BMW X3, Mercedes GLC, and Audi Q5.

There is plenty of luxury on offer in the GV70, and the cabin is exquisitely crafted. The exterior is also brilliantly designed, and looks very pretty. Recently, the company announced that it will offer fingerprint recognition on it, to improve the safety and convenience of the car. The biometric scanner is located just below the start/stop button on the dashboard.

The driver can use their fingerprint to authenticate payments in Genesis ‘CarPlay’, instead of using the traditional 6-digit pin. It can be used to pay for fuel and parking, and can be accessed via the infotainment system. Also, the driver’s personal details (like home address and contacts) don’t show up on the infotainment screen when the car is being used by someone else (valet mode).

Genesis GV70 rear passenger alert

The fingerprint authentication system can also be linked with personalised driving settings. One can also use the vehicle without the physical key, using the Genesis connected app to open the door and using the biometric scanner to start the engine. This adds to the convenience factor of the vehicle. Apart from fingerprint recognition, the GV70 will also offer Advanced Rear Occupant Alert.

The vehicle gets a radar sensor mounted on the ceiling to detect passengers in the rear seats. When the driver shuts the engine and exits the car, the car shows a notification in the instrument cluster and a sound alert if there are any rear passengers. The system can then detect whether said passengers are getting out, and can send a text notification to the driver if they aren’t.

The system is quite sophisticated, and can detect finer motions as well, like the breathing of an infant, or even pets in the cargo area. The radar can also peek through non-metallic objects, like portable pet kennels, blankets, baby seats, etc, to detect living beings in the rear seats. It should prevent people from accidentally leaving their babies or pets unattended in the car. This technology might soon be available on Kia and Hyundai cars in the near future.