Upcoming BSA Motorcycles Brand Could Rival Royal Enfield 650 Twins

mahindra acquires bsa

BSA is expected to offer premium motorcycles when it enters the domestic market in the not-so-distant future

Classic Legends Private Limited owns the license for Jawa as well as BSA Motorcycles and as soon as Mahindra Group bought controlling stakes in the company in 2016, its revival was an almost certainty. M&M did not disappoint and in just over two years infused a new life into the Jawa brand with three motorcycles primarily targetting Royal Enfield.

With the storm settled on Jawa’s re-entry, the next question was pointed at other icons waiting in the wings from the same regime. It was confirmed during the Jawa’s presentation that the legendary Yezdi and BSA would indeed make their way into the domestic market but their launch timelines are yet to be made public.

BSA Motorcycles has long and storied history dates back to pre-World War days. In its heydays along with Triumph, BSA was the largest producer of motorcycles in the world. The British manufacturer never just settled with small capacity bikes and in contrast had 500 cc, 750 cc and even 1,000 cc V-twins in the mid 1920s to late 1930s. Some of them continued till the brand’s demise in 1972.

The Birmingham Small Arms company struggled in its final years financially as it could not meet the technologies and performance delivered by the new-age Japanese firms and ultimately had to close doors after filing for bankruptcy. BSA continued to hold an elite status until its reign succumbed to monetary woes and it could comeback with a proper push.

3. BSA BIKE - 1

Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, had even teased about a new BSA motorcycle last December on his Twitter handle. Mahindra Group’s intention with the Jawa brand is pretty clear and it has a long term strategy to garner volumes. The same can be said for BSA and Yezdi, and it won’t take long to introduce them.

In this fast paced world, capitalising on the momentum is key for success and thus we can expect one or both the brands to be revived before the end of 2020. Just as Jawa, Yezdi has a cult status in India and its upcoming range could share plenty with the Czech brand. The Classic, CLII, Deluxe, Monarch and Roadking were popular in their own right and the new lineup will more likely be influenced by them with distinct characteristics while mechanical elements could be shared with the new Jawas.


However, it appears to be a completely different scenario for BSA as Classic Legends wants to keep the brand’s premium status intact and initially could concentrate on export markets with local production. Going by its erstwhile range, powertrains ranging between 500 cc and 750 cc meant the models are expected to be positioned right up against the RE 650 Twins.

BSA may observe RE’s strategy with the 650s before giving a full dose at the segment. Nothing is of certain yet though as we hope to know more about its plans in the near future.