Tyres Of Six Parked Cars Stolen In Just 2 Hours In Delhi NCR

car tyres stolen delhi ncr

Car tyres getting stolen in Delhi NCR has been a regular affair in recent times and here is a Sonet with its tyre ripped off by thieves

We have often heard about cars getting stolen at night but thieves have taken a whole different approach in recent times as tyres costing thousands are often looted. This has often been the case in the Delhi NCR region as we see affected people taken to public forums and groups to report on the matter and it might just be getting out of hand.

A Facebook user named Akash Pandey took to Kia Sonet Club India to make the fellow group members aware of the endless crime as all four tyres of his Sonet compact SUV were stolen. He claimed that the NCR region is the most unsafe city in India due to these acts and within a span of two hours, six vehicle tyres were stolen by thieves and he was one of the victims.

He went on to suggest that owners should make sure their insurance covers tyres and rims as well as it could come in handy at any time and moreover, theft is not covered under the cashless scheme. The miscreants would go after batteries, infotainment and other expensive accessories but the security systems in modern cars have certainly improved leaving them to mull over alternative routes.
car tyres stolen delhi ncr 1The victims should alert the police as this is not a small crime as it involves hefty sum of money. Generally speaking, we should always stay alert while parking the vehicle at night especially when bolted on with expensive aftermarket alloys. While the problem cannot be entirely averted unless law enforcement gets in the act, there are things we can do to make life tough for them.

If possible, try to park the car in a crowded area and fix a high standard motion assisted security alarm. Invest in a good quality dashcam that will help identify the thief even if anything goes wrong or else park the car with a CCVT in sight. Another easy way is parking the vehicle with turned wheels as it will be tough to loosen the nuts.

You can park your car close to the curb so that there will be no space for them to do illegal activity literally. The owners could deploy wheel locks with metal plates covering the lug nuts while specific lug nut locks could also be used. Staying less attractive meaning that covering your car without showing off the wheels could help sometimes.