TVS To Launch Creon Based Electric Scooter Later This Financial Year

tvs creon electric scooter-1
tvs creon electric scooter concept

The upcoming electric scooter from TVS is expected to take design inspiration from Creon and launch later this financial year

Electric vehicles are going to be the future of the automotive industry in India and also around the world as governments want to reduce pollution considerably as they are the major contributors, which is why most of the countries are introducing stringent emission norms. TVS is going to enter the electric scooter segment and here are 5 things you should know

1. Inspired From Creon Concept

TVS showcased the Creon concept at the 2018 Auto Expo and the scooter has a futuristic design theme with big LED headlamp at the front. The upcoming electric scooter could carry forward this design, which will make it stand out from other scooters. But the company will make minor changes to the production model.

2. Parts Sharing With Ntorq

The upcoming model might share some parts with Ntorq like wheels and suspension. The Ntorq gets telescopic forks at the front and dual suspension at the rear, which is tuned for comfort. The parts sharing will help TVS to reduce cost and, in turn, we can expect the company to price the model aggressively.

TVS 125CC HYBRID IQUBE CREON ELECTRIC-1 (tvs electric scooter launch)

3. Powerful Battery Pack

TVS is yet to confirm the battery pack of the electric scooter but the Creon is powered by three lithium-ion battery pack and it produces around 12 kW. The Creon takes just 5.1 sec to reach 60 kph from 0. The claimed range of Creon is 80 km and it takes just 60 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80 per cent.

4. Connectivity Features

Like the Ntorq, TVS will offer connectivity features with the upcoming electric scooter as the customer can connect the smartphone to the scooter using Bluetooth and various functions can be controlled using the application as it includes navigation, battery details, last parked position and more.


5. Launch This Financial Year

Some reports have indicated that TVS is going to launch the electric scooter in this financial year and we can expect the company to price the model on par with competitors like Ather as it will be the first mass production electric vehicle from TVS.