TVS Motors Model Wise Sales Analysis For Oct 2019 – Jupiter, Apache, XL100

2019 TVS Apache RR310

In October 2019, TVS Motors sold 2,52,684 units, which is a 25.5 per cent drop from 3,38,988 units sold in October 2018

The ongoing sales slowdown has been really worrying for most cars and bike manufacturers. The effect of the slump in demand for new vehicles has been so adverse that most two-wheeler manufacturers have reported a pretty substantial de-growth on YoY basis in October 2019.

What’s worrying is that even the Diwali season, which usually leads to an increased demand for new vehicles, couldn’t keep the manufacturers from reporting heavy losses. Even TVS, which has been a popular player in the market, reported a loss of 25.5 per cent on YoY basis. The bikemaker sold 2,52,684 copies last month as against 3,38,988 units sold in October 2018.

TVS Zest

The peppy little scooter from the South Indian bike maker has been the most successful model in the company’s lineup on taking into account the sales performances of all models. The automatic scooter sold 6,680 units in October 2019, which resulted into an YoY growth of whopping 79 per cent as compared to 3,727 units sold in October 2018.

TVS Pep+

The TVS Pep+ has been quite popular among the teenagers, especially the fairer sex. Last month, the Pep+ found 8,027 buyers as against 13,254 units sold in October 2018. This has led to a sales drop of 39 per cent.

TVS Jupiter

2019 tvs jupiter grande edition

If there is one model that has managed to leave a dent in the sales of the Honda Activa, it has to be the TVS Jupiter. The Jupiter has been received well mostly due to its reliable nature, peppy engine and better pricing than that of the Activa. However, the automatic scooter registered a drop of 27 per cent on YoY basis last month. In October 2019, the automatic scooter sold 74,560 copies, as against 1,02,132 units sold in October 2018.

TVS Wego

Another automatic scooter that has established itself well in the market but has slipped on the sales chart is the Wego. Compared to the 3,024 units sold in October 2018, the automatic scooter could find only 906 buyers last month.

Model October 2019 Sales October 2018 Sales
TVS Jupiter 74,560 1,02,132
TVS XL Super 60,174 82,357
TVS Apache 34,059 41,396
TVS Ntorq 23,842 23,600
TVS Radeon 17,265 13,995
TVS Sport 14,960 25,653
TVS Star City 8,331 18,006
TVS Pep+ 8,027 13,254
TVS Zest 6,680 3,727
TVS Victor 3,658 11,419
TVS Wego 906 3,024
TVS RR310 222 425

DataSource : Autopunditz

TVS Ntorq

The Ntorq has to be the sportiest and the funkiest scooter in the company’s lineup. So far, it has proven to be a pretty good alternative to the Aprilia SR125, which is mostly due to its sporty looks, peppy engine, good dynamics and modern features like Bluetooth-powered smartphone connectivity.

TVS Ntorq Race Edition

The 125cc scooter has been clocking decent numbers on the sales charts. Last month, it sold 23,842 units, which is a marginal 1 per cent improvement over 23,600 units sold in October 2018.

TVS Victor

The second generation Victor isn’t as successful as its predecessor and has been clocking lower sales numbers. However, things went pretty bad for the motorcycle in October 2019, with a de-growth of 68 per cent. This is due to a YoY drop from 11,419 units in October 2018 to just 3,658 units last month.

TVS Star City

Another model that has been quite popular the entry level segments but has done pretty badly on the sales charts last month is the Star City, whose sales drop from 18,006 units in October 2018 to just 8,331 units last month. This corresponds to a 54 per cent drop.

TVS Radeon

tvs radeon 1

The TVS Radeon, like the Zest and the Ntorq, has posted a growth in its sales figures on YoY basis. Its sales are up by a decent 23 per cent as it sold 17,265 units last month. This is a remarkable improvement from 13,995 units sold in October 2018.

TVS Sport

Another motorcycle that has been quite successful in various geographical sectors of the country but has seen a huge sales dip last month is the TVS Sport. The sales of the affordable commuter motorcycle fell by a huge 42 per cent from 25,653 units in October 2018 to just 14,950 units last month.

TVS Apache

tvs apache abs

The Apache range of bikes, which comprise of 160cc, 180cc and 200cc models, has been doing pretty well in the market. However, even the hot-seller from the company couldn’t avoid a hit from the sales slump as its sale count dropped from 41,396 units in October 2018 to 34,059 units last month. This corresponds to a 18 per cent drop.


The RR310, the flagship motorcycle in the bikemaker’s portfolio, rivals the likes of KTM RC390. While the fully-faired motorcycle has been quick enough to establish itself in the market, it has been hit pretty hard by the slowdown. It suffered a 48 per cent drop in popularity on YoY basis as its monthly sale fell to 222 units in October 2019 from 425 units on October 2018.

TVS XL Super

The XL Super is a pretty hot-selling moped in the Tier II and Tier III areas, where this affordable model from TVS has found a following of sorts due to its rugged nature, easy maintenance and low purchase price. However, even the XL Super witnessed a 27 per cent drop in its demand on YoY basis.

TVS XL100 1

Last month, the company could see 60,174 units of its affordable two-wheeler, while it had sold 82,357 units in the same month last year. From the above, it can be gauged that the slowdown has hit almost every section of the market, right from ultra affordable models like the XL Super to sporty offerings like the RR310.