Toyota’s Ultra-compact BEV Will Be Showcased at 2019 TMS Ahead Of Launch

Toyota’s Ultra-compact BEV2

Toyota Ultra-compact BEV will be showcased at the Future Expo during the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show from October 24 to November 4

Toyota Motor Corporation will be showcasing the production version of the Ultra-compact BEV at the Future Expo exhibition during the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show between October 24 and November 4. It has been confirmed to make commercial debut in its home market of Japan next year.

The company says the Ultra-compact BEV is the “next-generation mobility solution” designed to provide short distance mobility. Akihiro Yanaka, Head of Development at Toyota, states that the Ultra-compact BEV is for all ages of people in Japan. With a two-seat configuration, the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) has an approximate driving range of 100 km on a single charge while having a maximum speed of 60 kmph.

To make the driver’s life easier, it features short turning radius. It will be launched sticking by the Japanese brand’s new business model of wider usability of electric vehicles. It also includes examining battery life through its lifecycle and expanding leasing initiatives to make the entire mobility experience seamless and efficient.

Toyota’s Ultra-compact BEV3

The official statement further pointed out that Toyota is developing peripheral services for BEVs such as recharging stations and insurance. The Ultra-compact BEV is said to be well suited to meet the requirements of municipalities working to ensure safe and eco-friendly transportation.

At the motoring show in Tokyo, Toyota will also exhibit ultra-compact BEV mobility solutions such as the Toyota i-ROAD and three different Walking Area BEVs. The cutesy looking Ultra-compact BEV measures 2,490 mm long, 1,290 mm wide and has a height of 1,550 mm.

Toyota’s Ultra-compact BEV1

Toyota will use the opportunity at the Tokyo Motor Show to gauge reactions from customers regarding its new business plan. While there is no denying the future being electric, it can be observed that the future is almost certainly here right in front of our eyes!