Toyota Yaris Automatic Version More Popular Than Manual Among Buyers

2018 Toyota Yaris Deliveries Review India-90

Toyota offers advanced 7 speed CVT gearbox on Yaris which is similar to the one offered with Corolla Altis and boasts a number of key features

Toyota officially launched Yaris last week in India. The company has got more than 60,000 enquires for the Yaris and the bookings till launch date was 4000. Among them 66 percent of buyers opted for automatic variant of Yaris which is a surprise that usually Indians prefer manual over automatic model but the perception is changing.

One of the main reasons for buyers choosing automatic variant is because of the traffic congestion in our roads. The cars with automatic gearbox take the stress out of driving in traffic. Most of the budget models also come with automatic transmission like AMT which is cost effective compared to advanced automatic gearbox like CVT or DSG.

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2018 Toyota Yaris Review India-63The manufactures worked on improving efficiency of automatic gearbox and most of the new model automatic models offer either same or better fuel efficiency than manual gearbox. Toyota offer advanced 7 speed CVT gearbox on Yaris which is similar to the one offered with Corolla Altis which is more expensive than Yaris.

But the advantage of using this gearbox is that this offers better fuel efficiency as Yaris manual returns 17.1 kmpl compared to 17.8 kmpl on automatic model. Unlike other manufacturers in the segment which offer automatic option only with middle or top variants, Toyota is offering Yaris across all variants from the base J to VX.

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2018 Toyota Yaris Review India-114This gives flexibility for the customers and most of them opted for automatic variant. The Yaris is powered by 1.5 L petrol engine producing 107 hp of power and 140 Nm of torque. The Japanese manufacturer is not offering diesel engine with Yaris as 70 percent of buyers in C-Segment opt for petrol engine.

Honda City is the direct rival of Toyota Yaris as it is the leader in petrol C-segment. The City also comes with 7 speed CVT transmission and returns 18 kmpl which is slightly higher than Yaris but these are negligible in real world efficiency. Toyota is also offering lots of features even on the base variant also which is more than its competitors. Let’s see whether the Yaris can stay ahead of the competition in coming months.