Toyota and Lexus To Make Autonomous Braking as Standard in the US

Lexus RX 450h

Toyota and Lexus to make autonomous braking as standard in the US towards the end of next year

Toyota and its subsidiary luxury brand Lexus have announced that almost all models coming under their badges will have autonomous braking system as standard by the end of next year in the US. In a bid to substantially increase the safety packages for customers, the appreciable move will see the Japanese auto giant expanding the technology to other markets in the future.

The Lexus and Toyota vehicles will utilise the Lexus Safety System+ and the Toyota Safety Sense technologies as standard to ensure better safety from the base models. The automatic emergency braking (AEB) will play a key role in the safety package offered and it’s an important step in bringing the number of highway accidents down or preventing them in the first place according to Toyota.

Toyota To Make Autonomous Braking System As Standard In The US

The AEB is well ahead of its time as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the US revealed last week that the technology comes four years in advance as it was initially targetted to be put into production by 2022.

The models that will not be sold with the standard Lexus Safety System + and Toyota Safety Sense packages are the Toyota 86, Lexus GX, Toyota Mirai and 4Runner. This implies to 25 vehicles out of 30 in the combined portfolio of Toyota and Lexus will have the above mentioned advanced autonomous technologies.

Toyota To Make Autonomous Braking System As Standard In The US 1

Toyota Safety Sense package will have two grades: Toyota Safety Sense C and Toyota Safety Sense P. The former comprises of lane departure warning, automatic high beam and pre-collision system. The latter is packed with vehicle detection, pedestrian detection, pedestrian pre-collision, lane departure alert, dynamic radar cruise control and steering assist function. The Lexus’ Safety System + will feature lane departure alert, pedestrian and object pre-collision systems, dynamic radar cruise control and automatic high beam.

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