Toyota Land Cruiser FJ (More Affordable Fortuner) Coming This Year


Toyota Land Cruiser FJ will more likely be the affordable version of the Fortuner and is expected to use the IMV 0 platform found in the recently launched Hilux Champ

Toyota made waves at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 with its array of futuristic concepts. Particularly noteworthy is the IMV 0 concept, which has ignited numerous discussions. The IMV (Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle) architecture, recognized as the backbone of various Toyota utility vehicles such as the Hilux and Fortuner, serves as the basis for this concept.

While both models continue to utilize the IMV platform, the Innova has made the transition to the more modern TNGA-C enabling a conventional front-wheel-drive layout, particularly in its Hycross variant. Presented in Tokyo, the IMV 0 pickup concept is founded on the principle that affordability and offering enhanced utility-based customization options are of utmost importance.

Fulfilling its promise, Toyota introduced the Hilux Champ in Thailand in November 2023, priced affordably at $13,000 (around Rs. 11 lakh). The Fortuner appears to be the next in line as a more compact version emphasising affordability without sacrificing the off-road DNA could be under development for debut later this year. Given its popularity as a full-size SUV with impressive 4×4 capabilities, particularly in Asian markets, such a move would make sense.

Toyota Hilux Champ

In recent years, the pricing of the Fortuner has seen a significant increase, rendering it nearly inaccessible for many potential buyers, despite maintaining healthy sales figures. The modular design of the IMV 0 platform provides Toyota with the flexibility to explore different body styles and it openly stated its intent to venture into new avenues with this architecture.

Unlike the current Fortuner, models based on the IMV 0 platform may lack certain premium amenities. Nevertheless, the focus on practicality and spaciousness is anticipated to be a key selling point. According to multiple global media reports, Toyota is currently engaged in the development of an SUV project centred around the IMV 0 platform.

Toyota Hilux Champ

The new project holds the potential to introduce a more budget-friendly version of the Fortuner, leveraging the existing GD series diesel engine, which is said to get mild-hybrid tech soon. Given the fast-paced introduction of the Hilux Champ for Thai customers following the debut of the IMV 0 pickup concept, the arrival of the more affordable Fortuner, which could be dubbed the Land Cruiser FJ, is expected sooner rather than later.