Toyota Is The Bestselling Car Brand In 49 Countries


Toyota tops the bestselling car brand chart ahead of Volkswagen and Ford worldwide

Japanese automaker Toyota might have lost its top rank in the highest selling car manufacturer list to Volkswagen, but the brand is still sold in most number of countries. A recent study reveals that Toyota is the bestselling car brand in 49 countries across the world, which is far ahead of its nearest competition.

Toyota is bestselling car brand in a large number of Asian, African and Latin American countries. The brand has a strong hold in the South East Asian countries and in its home soil Japan too. Apart from that it also tops the bestselling car brand list in several Southern and Eastern African countries. Apart from that in a number of Latin American countries also, the company is the most selling car brand.

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At the second position in the list is the German auto giant Volkswagen, which tops the list in 14 countries across the world. The brand is very popular in major European countries including Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Croatia, Belarus, Belgium etc.

The third position in the list is held by American auto manufacturer Ford. The brand is the bestselling automaker in its home soil USA. Apart from that, it is also the most selling car brand in markets like New Zealand, Venezuela, Nigeria and France. Renault and Skoda sit at the fourth position as they both are bestselling brands in six countries across the world. Dacia and Fiat are the ranked at fifth position as both these brands are bestselling brands in five countries across the world.

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Speaking about the Indian market, Maruti Suzuki is the strongest automobile brand here. At the second position in the country market is the South Korean auto major Hyundai. Apart from that, automakers like Renault, Ford too have quite strong hold here. This automaker is the bestselling brand in Russia apart from South Korea.

Source: Regtransfers