Toyota Fortuner Likely To Get 2.4L BS6 Diesel Engine Soon, 2.8L Could Discontinue

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Toyota Fortuner is expected to be soon launched with BSVI compliant engines as the 2.4-litre diesel engine might take the 2.8-litre’s place in the lineup

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) sells the Fortuner with two engine options: a 2.7-litre petrol and a 2.8-litre diesel. Both the powertrains are mated to either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission but the 4×4 drive configuration is only offered in the diesel variant.

The Japanese manufacturer has announced pricing for the BSVI compliant Innova Crysta and it used to be sold with the 2.8-litre diesel engine. The Innova Crysta with the upgraded engines has seen a price increase of Rs. 23,000 for petrol and up to Rs. 1.12 lakh for diesel and the price range will be applicable only for a limited period of time.

Due to the soon arriving regulations courtesy of the more stringent BSVI emission standards, the 2.8-litre GD series diesel mill that powered the premium MPV is no more. The same could be the case on the Fortuner as well but since the SUV is sold at a more premium price point and missing out on a torquey diesel engine could prove to be a disadvantage against rivals, it may continue in its place.

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Currently, the Fortuner is retailed in the price bracket between Rs. 27.84 lakh and Rs. 33.87 lakh (ex-showroom). The range-topping Fortuner TRD Celebratory Edition was launched only a few months ago with visual updates. The 2.4-litre turbocharged VGT diesel unit produces a maximum power output of 143 bhp at 3,400 rpm and 343 Nm torque at 1,400 rpm in the Innova Crysta.

Specs Fortuner 2.8L Fortuner 2.4L (Thailand)
Power 174 bhp 150 bhp
Torque 420 Nm (MT), 450 Nm (AT) 400 Nm

The smaller diesel could replace its 2.8-litre sibling and it is likely to produce 150 bhp and 400 Nm of torque, same as the Thai-spec Fortuner 2.4L. The current 2.8L version kicks out 174 bhp at 3,400 rpm and 420 Nm at 1,600 rpm in its manual gearbox equipped variant.

The automatic transmission-equipped 2.8-litre diesel engine generates 30 Nm more torque as well. The Fortuner continues to be Toyota’s best-seller within the domestic portfolio alongside the Innova Crysta and it will be interesting to see the price hike it will endure as it will soon step into the BSVI regime.