Tork Kratos (T6X) Electric Motorcycle To Launch By End Of This Month

Tork T6X Kratos

The made-in-India Tork Kratos is scheduled to launch in India during the last week of January, with fast charging and smart connectivity options on offer

Tork Motors will finally launch its first EV – Kratos – in the Indian market later this month. Previously previewed as the T6X, the e-motorcycle has been in development for over six years. Bookings will commence online after the virtual launch event, and deliveries are expected to begin a few months later.

Tork Kratos will be powered by the brand’s proprietary lithium-ion battery pack, paired with an advanced axial flux motor topology that will offer high peak power and range. The upcoming e-motorcycle will run on Tork Intuitive Response Operating System (TIROS), which will offer technical analysis of a ride (power management, real-time consumption, range estimate, etc.).

The specifications of the production-spec model haven’t been revealed, but the company states that the bike would get fast charging capabilities and 4G telemetry. Since its inception, Tork Motors has filed over 50 patents and designs under Intellectual Property Rights to strengthen its R&D. Also, the company states that the Kratos features a lot of major differences over the T6X.


Kapil Shelke, CEO and founder, Tork Motors, had this to say about the EV: “After years of extensive research and iterations, we are all set to showcase India’s first electric motorcycle – Kratos.” The name ‘Kratos’ has a Greek origin; it’s the name of a mythological deity, the divine personification of power and authority.

It’s not only renamed as Kratos but developed entirely as a brand-new motorcycle than T6X with notable redesigned frame and styling achieved by rigorous testing with internal and external teams,” he continued. Tork Kratos will have a muscular street-fighter design, with an LED headlight, an LED taillight, and a split-seat setup on offer.


The ergonomics of Tork Kratos will feature improvements over the T6X. We expect a good balance between sporty and comfy, with an upright seating posture. Telescopic front forks, monoshock rear suspension, navigation, geo-fencing, anti-theft system, and a smartphone charging port will be available here.

The e-motorcycle is expected to have a starting price of around Rs. 1.5 lakh (ex-showroom, before subsidiaries). That would make it more expensive than Revolt RV400, but the Tork is expected to offer better performance and range than its rival.