Top 10 Selling Bikes in March 2016

Hero Splendor heads the two-wheeler sales but the Bajaj CT 100, Pulsar and Avenger range of models could shuffle the pack come the end of April behind the top three

top 10 sellings bikes of March 2016

In the best-selling bikes chart for the month of March, Hero MotoCorp has four products and all of them finished in the top four. The Indian two-wheeler manufacturer’s indomitable furore for the buyers in the entry-level mass segments has led it to churn humongous sales numbers last month as well, as seen over the years. To the dismay of its closest competitors from Bajaj and Honda, its dominance is nothing but here to stay.

Leading the charge is the Splendor motorcycle with 2,09,209 units of deliveries. This is a significant climb from the previous month as the company sold nearly 20,000 additional units of the commuter work-horse. Recording a sales of over 5,000 units compared to February 2016, the HF Deluxe is positioned second with 1,11,681 examples retailed in the concluded month.

Hero Splendor 110cc i-smart-2

The Hero Passion series is another huge hit as underlined by its consistent monthly sale numbers as 1,07,728 motorcycles were delivered. It rounded off the above one lakh club in third place ahead of the stylish Glamour range of bikes which endured a slight decline in sales figures in comparison to February. A total of 57,277 units were sold in March 2016 but the Glamour is on the brink of losing its position to the highly fuel-efficient Bajaj CT 100 as only 1,407 units separated them.

1.       Hero Splendor 2,09,209
2.       Hero HF Deluxe 1,11,681
3.       Hero Passion 1,07,728
4.       Hero Glamour 57,277
5.       Bajaj CT 100 55,870
6.       Honda CB Shine 47,592
7.       Bajaj Pulsar 46,239
8.       Royal Enfield Classic 26,000*
9.       Bajaj Avenger 25,477
10.     Honda Livo 25,233

The CT 100 could move up the order and break the Hero’s deadlock in the top four at the end of this month. Behind the Bajaj CT 100 with 55,870 retailed numbers, however, the competition is getting ever fiercer as both the Honda CB Shine and Bajaj Pulsar ranges were breathing down its neck. The smooth and comfortable Honda CB Shine sandwiched the CT 100 and Pulsar in sixth position as 47,592 deliveries were made last month.

Bajaj Ct 100 b India mileage

With a mere 1,353 units difference to the CB Shine, another Bajaj motorcycle trying to climb up the pack is the Pulsar as 46,239 units were sold in March 2016. Behind the sporty Pulsar range though, there’s a huge volume gap exists as the Royal Enfield ended up last month eighth with the Classic range sold for a total of 26,000 units. The Bajaj Avenger is on the step up once again as only 523 units divided it from the RE Classic’s sales figures.

Bajaj Avenger Street 150

It finished ninth as the entry-level Honda Livo series wrapped up the top 10 list in final position with 25,233 units. Interestingly, with very little to choose between the variety of best-sellers last month, expect a huge change in the pecking order when the sales data gets announced for April.

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