This Vintage-Style Custom Royal Enfield Cafe Racer Is A Piece Of Art

TNT Motorcycles Royal Enfield cafe racer img1

Check out this beautiful custom Royal Enfield cafe racer, built by New Delhi-based TNT Motorcycles, which looks deceptively vintage

In the Indian motorcycle market, Royal Enfield dominates the mid-capacity (350cc to 650cc) segment. The brand specialises in retro-inspired motorcycles, which attract plenty of enthusiasts all over the country. Interestingly, many Royal Enfield owners like to customise their motorcycles, and there are plenty of workshops across the country that can help in that regard.

The video below, posted by Vampvideo, gives us a detailed look at a custom-built Royal Enfield cafe racer. The motorcycle has a beautiful vintage-inspired design, and it has been built by TNT Motorcycles. There are plenty of styling details worth noticing here, so let’s take a closer look.

This custom RE cafe racer gets a pair of balloon-style tyres on both ends, shod on wire-spoked wheels. At the front, we see an aftermarket halogen headlamp, placed on a custom holder, and a tiny front fender. The motorcycle gets a pair of new clip-on handlebars, which are positioned quite low on the forks.

We also see custom bar-end mirrors and bar-end LED turn indicators here, along with leather handle grips and leather-wrapped levers. The fuel tank is custom-built as well, with golden pinstripes and custom ‘Royal Enfield’ branding on it. A custom leather strip has been added on top of the bike, running longitudinally across.

The bike also gets a custom single-piece seat, featuring a tan leather cover with a ribbed pattern on it. The fuel tank and seat have a story engraved, showing a man playing golf, with the ball reaching the hole. The owner of the motorcycle is a golfer, which makes this a truly personal customisation.

TNT Motorcycles Royal Enfield cafe racer img2

To clear up the overall design and give the bike a more vintage-inspired look, the side panels have been removed, while the battery and wiring have been hidden away. Also, there are custom leather wraps on sections of the rear subframe and partly on the front forks. We also see a tiny aftermarket taillight here.

The engine has been customised as well. The fuel injection system has been replaced by a carburettor, and a custom exhaust system has been installed. The exhaust pipe also gets an insulated wrap all across. Also, the engine has been partly blacked-out.