This Stunningly Beautiful Allura is Based On Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500

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Hyderabad-based EIMOR Customs have come up with a really beautiful modified Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 that it has christened as ‘Allura’

Eimor Customs, a motorcycle customization outfit based out of Hyderabad, has just come up rather stunning Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 modification that has been dubbed as the Allura.

As per the customizer, the base motorcycle is a 2013 Desert Storm 500 whose owner had a problem riding it owing to his short height. Before getting this modification done, the owner had ridden this motorcycle for less than 5,000 kms. Hence, his main requirement was to reduce the saddle height. Along with this, he also wanted to give his motorcycle a new look.

The customizers have used 120 mm tyres and 16-inch wheels. The motorcycle receives vintage-like big mudguards. The customizer has gone ahead with a smaller headlight with a grille. The stock headlamp has been removed and the speedometer and the fuel gauge get a new housing. The motorcycle also gets new taillight and indicators.

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The ignition system has been shifted to the oval box on the right side. The fuel tank has some of its bulk removed in order to provide knee recesses. The rider and the pillion seats get a spring-type arrangement for a totally vintage look. The rear seat also gets a backrest. The original rear mudguard has been retained. The custom seats have reduced the saddle height a fair bit.

Even the exhaust has been replaced with a custom unit. The motorcycle gets a bespoke EIMOR Customs paint job. The fuel tank gets a glossy paint finish with stunning vintage-style Gold Leaf work. The rest of the panels get a matte jet black paint finish. The beautiful combination gives the motorcycle a really premium look.

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The party trick is the matching helmet that comes with the motorcycle. The skilled team at EIMOR customs says, “We call her Allura. And we strongly believe she can allure, she can entice quite a many curious gazes.”

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