This Politician Was Buried With His Mercedes-Benz – Here’s Why

Politician Was Buried With His Mercedes-Benz

The South African politician collapsed on the driveway while walking towards his prized luxury possession, the Mercedes-Benz E500

Tshekede Bufton Pitso, a South African political leader, perished a few weeks ago. Just like everyone, he had a last wish but it certainly took the internet by storm. The images of him not going six feet under as any burial was due to a specific reason as he was strapped in his Mercedes-Benz as the last wish. His prized luxury possession went under with him.

Pitso was highly successful in various fields and was crazy about owning Mercedes-Benz cars. When his businesses took a plunge, he had no choice but to sell all his Mercs except for one. He wanted the remaining piece of the three-pointed star to accompany him to the grave. The Mercedes-Benz E500 resided in his lonely garage before it went underneath.

Reports indicate that Tshekede Bufton Pitso was suited in white and his body was at the helm on the driver seat with his hands positioned on the steering wheel. Clearly, his wish was to get buried in the driving position of his much adored Mercedes-Benz car.

Digging deep, no pun intended, the E500 he had was a 1990s model and he was the second owner. It was also not in working condition and despite being broken down, he owned it because he liked to observe the standstill beauty of the opulent machine. He would spend time walking around and sitting inside the car and listening to the radio.

These behaviours explain how much he loved his E500 and unfortunately he collapsed while walking towards his car and died. In a similar fashion to any other country across the globe, South Africa is also affected badly by the pandemic with social and economic status of the people coming to a new low.

Despite the lockdown, Tshekede Bufton Pitso’s last wish had plenty of supporters around him as the car was covered with him inside. Africa’s love for cars does not end there as we had heard previous instances of the rich getting buried with their vehicles.