This Modified Toyota Etios Liva Hatchback Pumps Out 211 HP of Power


The 1.2 Litre petrol engine has been replaced with a rebuilt 1.5-litre unit which generates 211 HP compared to stock engines mere 78.9 Bhp

The Toyota Etios that you are seeing in these images might look like any standard Etios hatchback that you find on road but when you pop open the hood you will be stunned by seeing what’s stored underneath it.

The car is modified by Race Concepts based in Bangalore and you will be surprised to hear that this simple looking Etios actually generates a mind-boggling 211 Hp of peak power that makes it even more powerful than the premium Mercedes A-Class or even some other hot hatchbacks available for sale in India.

What the Bangalore based Race Concepts have done is that they have swapped the Etios stock 1.2 Litre petrol motor with a 1.5-litre motor built completely from scratch. The team decided to install a Stage 3 turbo-spec cylinder head, a Garett turbocharger, external wastegate, Race Dynamics standalone ECU, and Race Concepts induction kit to bump up the power output.

All these changes made to the engine have resulted in boosting the engines overall power output to a staggering 211 Hp available at 6200 rpm. Like we already mentioned above the 1.5 Litre engine has been rebuilt by Race Concepts which was actually quite a tough task for them considering the fact that it’s almost impossible to generate so much power from a conservative engine design.

To make sure all that power is properly utilized and does not affect the overall handling they have fitted the car with motorsports-grade carbon brake pads from Race Concepts. They also have installed a custom suspension setup as well to improve the overall handling of this car.

Race Concept has not revealed the price to complete this entire modification but we can surely inform you that it definitely won’t be cheap. However, we would love to watch this car do a top speed run in the real world.