This Modified Innova Hycross By DC2 Design Is A True Definition Of Luxury

modified innova hycross

DC2 Design has modified the Toyota Innova Hycross into an extremely luxurious MPV with features like wide custom recliner VIP seats, custom interior body panels and roof lining along with a 43-inch foldable screen amongst others

Toyota Innova Hycross is currently one of the best luxury MPVs in the Indian market and it comes with the trusted reliability of the Japanese manufacturer. While the Innova Crysta strayed far from luxury, the latest Hycross was launched to target premium urban customers.

Spending close to Rs. 30 lakh on the premium MPV and doing a major modification on it is a rare affair. In line with this, we have come across a very heavily modified Innova Hycross by DC2 Designs. Taking a close look at the pictures of the modified MPV shared by DC2 on its social media handle, luxury seems like an understatement.

To begin with, the 2nd and 3rd-row seats have been removed to make room for 24-inch wide custom recliners with ottoman function and dedicated armrests. These custom armrests house the controls for the electronic adjustment of the recliner seats. DC2 Designs is calling the modified MPV, LEX- Luxury Lounge Based On Innova Hycross.

modified innova hycross-6 Apart from this, the overall cabin layout has been smartly reworked like new special roof lining with a lighting setup, chrome surrounds for roof-mounted AC vents, ultra-premium door trims with rolling blinds and more. To further up the opulence, the MPV gets glass flooring with a sleek LED light strip.

An in-house refrigerator and retractable 43-inch screen are also a part of the package. The position of the doors remains exactly the same, so ingress and egress can be a bit cumbersome. To establish a sense of harmony, the green-cream colour theme has been carried over across the cabin including the front row of seats.

modified innova hycross-4

The modifier has only showcased the interiors of the MPV and we expect a similar sort of unique treatment on the outside. Although the longevity of such alterations to the vehicle’s electrical system is questionable, the changes are surely a red flag in terms of manufacturer warranty.