This Lovely Custom Lambretta Is Powered By A 65BHP 350cc Engine!

Yambretta 350 modified scooter

Here, we have a restored and modified Lambretta scooter, which gets a Goldflake-theme paint scheme and a 350cc Yamaha two-stroke engine

Two-stroke scooters used to be the choice of transport for many Indian families a few decades ago. As times changed and technology progressed, people moved on to cleaner, more efficient, and safer forms of transport. However, there are still a lot of enthusiasts in India who keep these old machines in their garage, preserved and sometimes customised.

This here is a restomodded Vijay super Mark 2, which was a rebadged Lambretta manufactured by Scooter India Ltd. The scooter was restored by Senthil Govindraj, a tattoo artist from Bengaluru. The highlight of this custom-build is its powertrain; under the seat of this scooter is a 350cc, two-stroke, twin-cylinder engine rated at a peak power of 65 BHP!

The engine has been sourced from a Yamaha Banshee ATV and is a liquid-cooled unit. The radiator has been placed at the front of the scooter, for effective cooling. To make way for the engine, the chassis of the scooter had to be cut first, and then extended. Due to the larger, more powerful powerplant, the new frame was built to be stronger than the stock one.

Yambretta 350 modified scooter 4

The braking system has also been upgraded, with twin discs on the front wheel and a single disc on the rear wheel. The kick-starter has been removed and a self-start system has been added. The suspension has also been upgraded, with additional dampers at the front and a new monoshock at the rear. We also see a custom twin-exhaust system employed here, which looks extremely cool.

Other than that, the stock headlight has been replaced by an aftermarket LED unit, and the motorcycle features a lovely Red and Yellow paint scheme, done by Motomatic R&D. There’s also a large ‘Gold Flake’ branding on each of the side panels. With a two-stroke engine powering this little machine, we’re sure there’s a lot of smoke involved.

Yambretta 350 modified scooter 5

This custom scooter has been named ‘Yambretta’, combining Yamaha and Lambretta. The project reportedly took a year to complete, and cost around Rs. 2.5 lakh. Although expensive, the result is a beautiful machine, which qualifies as art on wheels.