This Is The Right Time To Buy Diesel Cars, Here’s Why

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We explain why owning a BSIV diesel car will make a lot of sense than waiting months to go for a more expensive BSVI machine here!

The air of uncertainty prevailing among the car buyers has resulted in huge drop in sales over the last six months. This was mainly due to the upcoming switch from BSIV emission standards to the more stringent BSVI rules from April 2020 onwards. Many potential customers have got to a point of snubbing the diesel engines altogether because of the agitation surrounding their future.

First of all, any BSIV diesel car will work without any hassle using BSVI fuel and the impact on the fuel economy could be largely negligible across mass-market models. It is no secret that the BSVI-engined diesel cars will be more expensive than their respective BSIV diesel machines because of the engine upgrades manufacturers will be implementing.

Besides the increase in price across the board, the resale value, warranty period and maintenance costs are the other concerns of the buyers. With carmakers offering lucrative discounts for even the best-selling models and knowing that the BSVI-spec diesel variants of your favourite cars will be pricier by a big margin (minimum Rs. 1.5 Lakh expected) sooner, there is no better time to purchase a four-wheeler than right now!

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What we are saying could be against your wish but we would like to clear the air on misconceptions. Companies like Maruti Suzuki are giving extended warranty period on BSIV diesel cars and thus maintenance and availability of spare parts won’t be put under question. Moreover, diesel cars aren’t going away any sooner as their impact in different segments is still massive.

Buying BSIV diesel cars make sense for you now than ever before? The Indian government had announced a revision in vehicle registration charges and it further increases the price of your dream car in the BSVI era. Since the mechanical components used in cars these days last seemingly a lifetime, why would you bother using BSVI fuel on BSIV diesel cars as well?

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Additionally, the lifecycle of a person owning a car has decreased as they subject to seek a new drive quickly than before within a few years. Putting everything into perspective, the less expensive and relatively cheaper to register BSIV diesel cars sold with massive discounts make a lot of sense to buy right now and we hope our readers and potential buyers would realise the opportunity and use it to their advantage!

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