This Tasteful Modification On Maruti Baleno Costs Rs. 1.57 Lakh

baleno stealth

The entire modification costs Rs. 1.57 lakh as the customiser has performed extensive exterior and mechanical changes

In the premium hatchback segment, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno has been one of the good lookers. The RS variant, in particular, does have the capacity to grab eyeballs. The Baleno is sold through the Nexa premium dealerships and is offered with a range of customisation options. However, they never stopped the owners or tuning enthusiasts to lay their hands on the hatchback with their own creations.

Vinay Kapoor, an experienced custom builder, from Mumbai has revealed his latest work as he modified a Baleno – claimed to be for a lieutenant of the Indian Amry. The upgrades cost Rs. 1.57 lakh as both exterior and mechanical enhancements have been implemented on the standard Maruti Suzuki Baleno. On the outside, it is easy to see that Kapoor wanted to make big cosmetic changes to make the hatchback unique for his customer.

Based on the 2017 Baleno, which is not so much different from the current model, the customiser extensively used red vinyl stickers or carbon-fibre wrap as the conventional chromed finish is completely ditched to enhance the overall styling. The blackened front grille complements the black-finished alloy wheels while the carbon-fibre treatment can be seen on the roof.

Additionally, the aggressive body kit and chin splitter finished in red colour bring a dynamic appearance to the hatchback. On the sides, the body kit continues on while other makeover includes a “fighter jet” silhouette, rear quarter glass panel with eagle logo, tyre valve caps and sporty callipers. The rear bumper section gets a bold diffuser setup and the Suzuki badge is painted in red colour.

The interior boasts leather seat covers but it could have had a major upgrade as the exterior sticking by a single theme. The custom Baleno features new suspension with Bilstein B4 dampers to reduce body roll and make the ride stiffer.

It occupies the biggest part of the modification list as it costs Rs. 85,000. The Magna Flow exhaust configuration adds up another Rs. 40,000. Watch the video linked above to know more about this modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno.