This Customized Mahindra Thar Is Pure Glory!


The total modification took 21 days to complete and these parts are individually available also. The cost of modification on Thar is Rs. 4.99 lakh

Like Royal Enfield in bikes, Mahindra Thar is the most popular choice in four wheels when it comes to customization. The company positioned Thar as life style vehicle and people are so obsessed with it. Most of the off-road events in the country are dominated by Thar or Mahindra Jeep.

In this article, we are featuring a customized Mahindra Thar by Reddy Customs, most of the changes on this Thar is focused on aesthetics rather than off-roading, which makes itself special. The Thar get new front and rear bumpers along with custom body kit and new fenders, which are wider than stock to give a muscular look.

In stock form, Thar is available with soft-top only and custom shop has given fibre hard roof with six layers for extra protection. To make it extra special, the Thar comes with red tow-hooks and new bonnet scoops. The custom shop has also given snorkel to improve water wadding of Thar.

The headlamps and tail lamps are replaced with LEDs along with new LED lights placed on roof for extra illumination during night. The custom shop has also given carbon fibre paint for certain parts and the finish looks really good. The stock wheels and tyres are replaced by bigger tyres for off-roading and 5 spoke after-market alloy wheels.


The exterior is finished in black colour with red accents. Overall, the exterior changes make this Thar stand out. The interior has some changes as the custom shop removed rear seats and added linings to carry luggage and for short distance people can sit on either side also.

Apart from this, the Thar comes with faux leather seats and all other things remain stock. All these parts are individually available for Thar and it took them 21 days to complete the modification. The total cost of customization is Rs. 4.99 lakh and it is certainly one of the best modifications available for Thar in India.