This Custom Royal Enfield AVL 350 Is Way Beyond Expectations!

Custom Royal Enfield AVL 350

Bull City Custom based in Delhi took a Royal Enfield AVL 350 as the base for their new project and made some modifications to make it stand out on road

Royal Enfield is the preferred choice when it comes to modifications, whether if you want cruiser, sporty or adventure anything can be done on an RE. Bull City Custom based in Delhi took a Royal Enfield AVL 350 as the base for their new project and they want to continue the old school theme but with modification to make it stand out of other RE’s in road.

The stock thick fender has given away for a small fender at front along with a new custom T riser bars. The headlamp comes from RX 100 but the housing is different and the design is attractive. They also replaced stock handlebar and replaced with a wider one, which has aluminium grips.

The main highlight of this mod RE is its custom 22 litre fuel tank made from light weight metal and it is finished in Rhino paint scheme, which does make the bike stand out from the crowd. The custom shop has given leather seats and it has good room for both rider and pillion. The tool box has been replaced with a leather bag.

Bull City has used lots of metals parts on this custom RE to make it unique. The fuel filler cap is made from a main shaft sprocket while the foot pegs are made from different engines parts of Royal Enfield. The rear gets a small round shape tail lamp and a small fender along with number plates, which is positioned on left side.


The front get telescopic suspension and rear is gas charged twin shock absorbers. They continued with drum brakes for both front and rear. The engine is stock but the exhaust is custom made for this bike. Like most of the custom bikes, this one also missed out on instrument cluster to continue the minimalastic look.

The 346 cc air-cooled 4 stroke engine produces 18.2 PS of power at 5,500 rpm and 27.5 Nm of torque at 3,500. This engine is mated to 5 speed gearbox and AVL engines are known for its thug sound they produces. The custom bikes with its aftermarket exhaust will make it louder and will satisfy true Bullet enthusiasts.

Custom Royal Enfield AVL 350 Images