This Custom Body Kit Turns LC200 Into A New Toyota Land Cruiser 300

New Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Body Kit 4

GBT Restyling Bodykit from China turns the old generation LC into the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 in an almost identical manner

Toyota managed to outsell General Motors for the first time in the 2021 calendar year in the United States and it did so amidst the global health crisis hampering production and supply chain activities. The Japanese auto major efficiently managed its supplies and operational processes to achieve this unprecedented feat.

The brand launched the new generation Land Cruiser last year in the international markets and it could arrive in India in the future. The LC300 is on high demand and a customer notice published by Toyota in Japan indicates that it is sold out for four years. A custom firm in China has decided to do something about it though as it is making body kits for the old LC.

The idea is pretty straightforward as the previous generation Land Cruiser is converted to the LC300 via custom kits and the images we have included here show you the final result. It must be said that they have done a pretty good job with it and for anyone wanting to have a Land Cruiser 300 without waiting for four years, this could be an alternative choice.

New Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Body Kit 2

How viable is it? We may only know in the long run! The GBT Restyling Bodykit comes with a different bumper and a redesigned grille section that looks almost identical to the upright bossy unit found in the latest model. However, the headlamps are slightly larger in size and as part of the body kit, the LED Daytime Running Lights replicate the LC300 too.

The front bumper and fog lamp surrounds are almost similar in design as well. The new LED tail lamps stand akin to the stock unit found in the LC300 and other highlights include a redesigned tailgate and rear bumper to wrap up the package. While for eagle-eyed viewers, it is easy to spot the difference between the legit LC300 and the one wearing body kit, it is always good to have options.

While the cost of owning the body kit is not known yet, it does have a non-destructive installation according to the company. The regular Toyota Land Cruiser 300 derives power from two twin-turbocharged engines delivering power to all four wheels.