This Classic 350 Modded “Gangster” Is Straight Out Of Star Wars Movies


This modified Royal Enfield Classic 350 by Reddy Customs is the perfect amalgam of retro and modern design

For those of you who are not aware, Reddy Customs is an automobile personalization designing company based in Maharashtra. They create bespoke automotive design to suit their client’s needs and are well known for some of their modified custom vehicles including the Black Hawk Mahindra Thar and the Scorpio Hunk. Reddy Customs have recently worked their magic on a Royal Enfield Classic 350 model and it is called “Gangster”.

The modified motorcycle has absolutely no resemblance to the stock Classic 350 model because it gets a completely new customized body panels. The custom Classic 350 ‘Gangster’ body panels are finished in three attractive colours including a glossy Orange, black and silver.


The orange highlight can be seen on the headlamp cluster, fuel tank, and the side box areas. The rear seat of the motorcycle too gets an orange highlight as well that goes well with the overall theme. The rest of the body panel including the lower portion of the fuel tank and the suspensions has been finished in a shade of silver.


Whereas the rest of the body panel including the part of the headlamp cluster, engine cover and the rear profile are finished in different shades of black. That said, now let us talk about the actual changes that the motorcycle has received. To start with the stock Classic 350 body panels has been stripped off completely from the cruiser and are replaced with bespoke body panels designed by Reddy Customs.

The custom motorcycle gets a new headlamp cluster, engine cover, new seats, and fender. The stock headlamps of the motorcycle have also been replaced with an aftermarket LED unit. The motorcycle also gets a custom made front fender. The stock tires are also replaced by wider aftermarket tyres as well.

Reddy Customs has decided to keep the stock instrument cluster, handlebar, engine, and suspension on this motorcycle intact, which actually has helped keep the retro charm alive. After looking at these images there is no doubt that the finished product looks quite impressive and an amalgam of modern and retro design. Unfortunately, Reddy Customs hasn’t revealed the price for this modification as this motorcycle will be used as a prop in a movie.