This BMW 3-Series M Performance Inspired Custom Body Kit Costs Rs. 7 Lakh

This dealer level customisation costs around Rs. 7 lakh and it offers a whole host of exterior additions to the standard 3-Series

BMW appears to have recently confirmed that the popular GT variant of the 3-Series wouldn’t be present in the luxury sedan’s line up globally probably by early 2020. The German manufacturer is trimming down the models that are found to be less attractive and the GT fastback based on the F30 3-Series architecture could finally hang up its boot consequently.

In India, BMW sells the 3-Series in three variants and the next generation of the regular model is expected to arrive in the coming months as it has already been spied testing several times. If you definitely want the existing 3-Series but with a bit of added flair, you are in the right place as a dealer has showcased an impressively customised version.

Taking profound inspiration from BMW’s motorsport division, the standard 3-Series has been fitted with a sporty M body kit with the signature blue, purple and red stripes on the front fascia as well as on the horizontal grille slats. The kidney grille has blue surrounds while the lower section of the bumper looking like a lip spoiler is also finished in blue colour with honeycomb assembly in black.

This Dealer-Level BMW 3-Series Custom Body Kit Costs Rs. 5 Lakh-2The triple stripes can also be seen on the rear bumper and the blue painted side skirt continues on to the rear. The headlamps, as well as tail lamps, are a stock unit but the lower bumper has a five-slated diffuser with dual exhaust pipes. The white body painted 3-Series features black coloured window sills and pillars and additionally, the boot tip spoiler and wing mirrors carry a subtle carbon fibre trim.

The windshield has “M Sport Performance Parts” decal on it and the alloy wheels are done up in black. With no interior pictures available, it is safe to assume that the M Sport influence will also be there for the taking when you step inside the cabin.

This Dealer-Level BMW 3-Series Custom Body Kit Costs Rs. 5 Lakh-10

We do not know id any performance changes have been made but the regular 320 d uses a 2.0-litre diesel engine kicking out 190 horsepower. All the exterior changes explained above will cost Rs. 5 lakh as it is a dealer level customisation.

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