Tesla Won’t Launch Model 3 As Its First EV In India – Here’s Why

2021 Tesla Model 3 feature

A report suggests that Tesla will launch the Model Y crossover instead as a full import as the Model 3 has a very low ground clearance

Tesla has already commenced testing its electric vehicle on public roads in India and rumours surrounding its imminent market launch have existed for a long period. The Model 3 could be the logical choice for India as it’s the American brand’s entry-level sedan but there could be a roadblock as its low ground clearance may make it unconvincing to launch it locally.

According to a recent report that emerged on the internet, the Tesla Model 3’s ground clearance of just 140 mm will create all sorts of problems on Indian roads as it will easily scrape the under surface over speed bumps. The electrified sedan is equipped with coil springs and thus the ground clearance cannot be adjusted as the brand would have wanted.

In zero-emission vehicles, the battery packs are positioned lower on the chassis to gain the advantage of the lower centre of gravity that in turn helps in better handling characteristics. However, in countries like India, known for unusual speed crackers, the ground clearance is certainly affected by the positioning in more ways than one.

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It is only compounded by the long-wheelbase length the EVs usually have as the breakover angle is pretty bad. The report went on to state that this could result in Tesla opting to introduce the Model Y crossover instead as a full import and is one of the four Tesla models currently undergoing the mandatory homologation process to get certified for compatible road use.

In models like Model X, the presence of air suspension makes it easier to increase the ride height and in India, Audi e-tron SUV and e-tron Sportback get this feature as standard while the Jaguar I-Pace offers this as an option. The Model 3 and Model Y have several commonalities and are offered with single and dual motor configurations in the global markets.

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The base Standard Range Model 3 has a claimed range of 423 km and it can do zero to 100 kmph in under six seconds while the dual motor range boasts the Long Range AWD with 568 km drive range on a single charge and it can do zero to 100 kmph in under 4.5 seconds.