Tesla Model 2 Hatchback Will Be The Brand’s Most Affordable EV Ever

upcoming Tesla Model 2

Tesla Model 2 is expected to compete against Volkswagen ID.3, Nissan Leaf and Kia e-Niro and its production could begin as early as next year

Tesla made a strong breakthrough with the Model 3 as it helped the brand in gaining volume sales across the globe and it looks like the American brand is looking to bringing out another entry-level model going by the Model 2 name. Speculations surrounding the electric hatchback have existed for quite some time and it will be pitted against VW ID.3, Nissan Leaf and Kia e-Niro.

The Tesla Model 2 will be introduced in 2023 and it will help in the brand entering affordable EV space as opposed to the premium avenue it currently competes in. Reports indicate that USD 25,000 (Rs. 18.54 lakh approximately) could be the price range Tesla might look for with the Model 2 and in comparison, it could be half the price of a Model 3 sedan in some markets.

So, how is it made possible? The electric carmaker is developing a new battery technology, which is claimed to reduce manufacturing costs by 50 per cent over the existing crop of models and it will also provide five times more energy and up to 16 per cent more range per charge. It was detailed last year by none other than Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk at the Battery Day.

Tesla Model X

He even admitted that having an affordable EV is essential for the brand’s future. The series production of the new cheaper battery packs will begin as early as 2022. As they do not have the standard tab format of modern-day items, the production cost could be down to USD 107 per kWh. Resultantly, the Tesla Model 2 will be able to extract a high range per single charge.

It will have to be waited and seen whether Tesla will offer a battery capacity less than 50 kWh and a shorter range could aid in Tesla positioning the Model 2 highly competitively. Tesla could target a range of well over 400 km and the biggest battery pack of them all could take it up further higher. The brand hasn’t confirmed the production name of the hatchback as well.

The Tesla Model 2, as we refer, will be launched following the debut of the Cybertruck and Roadster and it could draw design inspiration from the Model 3. It is expected to be produced alongside the Model Y and Model 3 in German for Europe. With Tesla preparing to enter India, it will be interesting to see if the Model 2 will be considered or not, in the near future!