Tata To Launch 2 Electric Cars In Next 45 Days

tata nexon-24

Tata Motors electric vehicle division is all set to launch to two EVs in the coming months. Updated Nexon EV Facelift and a brand new Punch EV are on the cards

Tata Motors is currently leading the electric vehicle space in the Indian market. Early starter advantage along with an extensive portfolio offering a number of EVs across different price ranges and segments are the biggest factors for the company’s success. In order to keep the pace going, the Indian carmaker will launch two new electric cars in the coming months, i.e. the Nexon EV Facelift and Punch EV. Let’s have a look at their details.

1. Tata Nexon EV Facelift

After the unveiling of the conventionally powered Tata Nexon Facelift, the homegrown carmaker will take wraps off its EV counterpart, the Nexon EV Facelift on 7th September. The date was revealed via an official teaser which also highlighted some EV-specific design elements. One of the notable differences in design will be the new LED light bar which connects to the DRLs on both ends followed by the blanked-off front grille and tweaked front grille.

Apart from this, the rear design will also remain the same as the regular ICE Nexon Facelift. Inside the cabin, we can expect the addition of some electric blue accents to speak of its EV identity. Under the hood, the powertrain is expected to be carried over as it is from the current model with a maximum claimed range of 453 kilometres. As for the launch timeline is concerned, the Tata Nexon EV Facelift will most likely launch on 14th September along with its ICE counterpart.

2. Tata Punch EV

Currently enjoying sheer popularity among Indian car buyers, the Tata Punch recently got a CNG powertrain option. Adding to this, Punch EV is also on the cards and it will be based on the brand’s Gen 2 Sigma architecture, which is a more electric-friendly version of the Alfa platform, currently doing duty on conventionally powered vehicles.


Tata Motors will launch the four-wheeler next month i.e. October 2023, making it the brand’s 4th electric offering in the country. The design will remain the same for the most part except for some electric-specific touches such as blue accents, a blanked-off front grille and more. The claimed range of the electric Punch will be anywhere around the 300 kilometres mark using a battery pack of 30kWh approx.