Tata Sumo 6×6 Rendering Brings Utility And Off-Roading To The Fore

Tata Sumo 6x6 Rendering

Tata Sumo 6×6 rendering enhances the utility factor of the previously popular SUV that is no more in the business

The Sumo is one of the legendary SUV nameplates ever around in the Indian market. It was available for more than twenty years and ever since its discontinuation, speculations surrounding its possible return have been there all along. The Sumo set the tone for a long list of SUVs from the homegrown stable and it could make a comeback in the near future.

We have seen several renderings of the next generation Sumo over the last few months but nothing comes as close to what is shown here. A new video of the Tata Sumo 6×6 has taken the stakes a lot higher. Coming from the renowned SRK Designs, the digitally imagined Sumo has a dark exterior theme enhanced by the contrast highlights on the sides and the wheels.

Up front, the Tata Sumo 6×6 features an old school front grille, new et of LED headlamps, winch fitment on the bumper, and headlamp casing for damage protection. Other highlights include muscular wheel arches, slightly raked windshield, tall pillars, four-piece auxiliary fog lights for better visibility in the dark, a snorkel, and other interesting bits to aid off-roading.

It rides on off-road based tyres as well. On the inside, the single cab design ensures more room for the utility items at the back as the 6×6 acts as more of a pickup truck. Since the lifestyle pickup truck segment has only few competitors and it has not boomed as in other Asian markets, this could act a viable option. But, then again, we are only taking about the possibilities and not the reality.

We can expect the Sumo to be revived for personal transportation and thus a premium SUV along the lines of the OMEGA platform could happen. Tata Motors will be introducing the H2X/HBX concept based micro SUV likely towards the end of this year and a mid-size SUV slotting below the Harrier is reportedly in the pipeline as well.

The comeback of an iconic nameplate could ensure success but it could backfire as well as the customer expectations maybe high. All we do is wait and watch what Tata does!