Tata Nexon ‘XE’ Base Trim Converted Into Top Variant – Video

Tata Nexon modified base to top trim interior

Here, we have a Tata Nexon base (XE) variant, fitted with plenty of aftermarket accessories, equivalent to the top-spec ‘XZ’ and ‘XZ+’ trim

To attract buyers, carmakers often price the entry-level variants of their vehicles attractively low. That, however, comes with a compromise on the equipment and features. Thankfully, there are plenty of aftermarket accessories available all over India, which people can install in their vehicles after purchasing a car. Sometimes, people even get top-trim rivalling equipment fitted on to the base variant!

Here, we have a video, uploaded by Lalit Raghuvanshi, which shows us one such example. The vehicle we see here is a Tata Nexon base trim (XE), and it has been modified to look like the top XZ/XZ+ variant. Plenty of changes have been made to the exterior of the vehicle, which we shall list here in detail.

The steel wheels of the Nexon have been replaced by custom Minda Kosei alloy ones, which look quite nice. The owner has also added chrome-lined door visors and new roof rails, both from Galio. The stock antenna has also been replaced, by a sleek-looking shark-fin unit. The ORVMs and door-handles are body-coloured, but this mod was done from the factory, as chosen by the owner while booking the vehicle.

LED fog lamps have been added here, and their housings have been given the same silver-inserts as the top-spec trims. Interestingly, it continues to house the turn indicators, which is not the case on the higher variants of the Nexon. The tri-arrow elements on the grille, along with the faux skid plate at the bottom, have been painted silver to give the vehicle a premium look.

At the rear, the reflector housings have also been finished in silver, and the skid plate under the rear bumper gets the same treatment as well. A few changes have been made to the interior of the vehicle. A parcel tray has been added into the boot, and 7D floor mats have been installed. The manual controls of the rear windows have been replaced by aftermarket power-operated controls.

Tata Nexon modified base to top trim

An aftermarket centre armrest has also been added onto the vehicle, which gets a small storage space, ashtray, cup-holder, as well as multiple USB charging ports. Central locking, infotainment system, and rear parking camera aren’t offered in the Nexon’s base variant, so the owner got aftermarket systems installed instead.

The infotainment system now gets a 10-inch Android touchscreen, with a JBL audio system. The final product looks quite handsome, especially compared to the base variant, although we would’ve preferred a dual-tone roof as well. Regardless, this is one of the more practical mod jobs we’ve seen this year.