Tata Nexon Vs Kia Sonet – Specs & Latest Price Comparison

kia sonet vs tata nexon

Here, we have a brief comparison between the extremely popular Tata Nexon and one of its biggest rivals in our market, Kia Sonet

Tata Nexon is currently the best-selling SUV in the Indian car market. Kia Sonet is a popular SUV as well, thanks to its long list of features and multiple engine choices. Due to the steadily rising costs of production and transportation, both the vehicles have seen multiple price updates in recent times, and they’re a little more expensive than you’d remember.

If you wish to know how these two compact SUVs compare with each other in terms of specs and prices, then read ahead!

Tata Nexon vs Kia Sonet – Specifications

Tata Nexon is available with two engine options – a 1.2-litre turbo-petrol unit and a 1.5-litre turbo-diesel unit. Both the engines have two transmission choices available – a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed AMT.

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Tata Nexon vs Kia Sonet – specifications comparison (petrol engines)
Specs Tata Nexon Kia Sonet
Engine size 1.2-litre 1.2-litre / 1.0-litre
Engine type Turbocharged, inline-3 Naturally aspirated, inline-4 / Turbocharged, inline-3
Max. power 120 PS 83 PS / 120 PS
Max. torque 170 Nm 115 Nm / 172 Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT, 6-speed AMT 5-speed MT (1.2L) / 6-speed iMT, 7-speed DCT (1.0L)

Kia Sonet takes things a step further, with three engine choices on offer. The first one is a 1.2L NA petrol motor, mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The second one is a 1.0L turbo-petrol mill, available with a choice between a 6-speed iMT (clutchless manual) and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

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Tata Nexon vs Kia Sonet – specifications comparison (diesel engines)
Specs Tata Nexon Kia Sonet
Engine size 1.5-litre 1.5-litre
Engine type Turbocharged, inline-4 Turbocharged, inline-4
Max. power 110 PS 100 PS (MT version) / 115 PS (AT version)
Max. torque 260 Nm 240 Nm (MT version) / 250 Nm (AT version)
Transmission 6-speed MT, 6-speed AMT 6-speed MT, 6-speed AT

The third engine option offered on Kia Sonet is a 1.5L turbo-diesel engine, which can be paired with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed torque-converter automatic gearbox.

Tata Nexon vs Kia Sonet – Latest price

Tata Nexon and Kia Sonet are similarly equipped, with the latter offering a little more in terms of tech and features. It also gets better automatic transmission choices, unlike the slow and jerky AMTs on the Tata. Kia’s iMT is very convenient to use too. However, the Tata SUV has more cabin space on offer, thanks to its larger dimensions.

Nexon interior dashboard

Tata Nexon vs Kia Sonet – price comparison (petrol variants)
Tata Nexon (petrol variants) Kia Sonet (1.2L petrol variants) Kia Sonet (1.0L petrol variants)
Rs. 7.55 lakh [XE] Rs. 7.15 lakh [HTE]
Rs. 8.55 lakh[XM], Rs. 9.20 lakh [XMA] Rs. 8.15 lakh [HTK]
Rs. 9.15 lakh [XM(S)], Rs. 9.80 lakh [XMA(S)]
Rs. 9.65 lakh [XZ] Rs. 9.05 lakh [HTK Plus] Rs. 9.99 lakh [HTK Plus iMT]
Rs. 10.25 lakh [XZ+], Rs. 10.90 lakh [XZA+]
Rs. 10.40 lakh [XZ+ Dual-tone], Rs. 11.05 lakh [XZA+ Dual-tone] Rs. 10.79 lakh [HTX iMT], Rs. 11.39 lakh [HTX DCT]
Rs. 11.55 lakh [XZ+ Dark], Rs. 11.20 lakh [XZA+ Dark]
Rs. 11.0 lakh [XZ+(HS)], Rs. 11.65 lakh [XZA+(HS)]
Rs. 11.15 lakh [XZ+(HS) Dual-tone], Rs. 11.80 lakh [XZA+(HS) Dual-tone]
Rs. 11.30 lakh [XZ+(HS) Dark], Rs. 11.95 lakh [XZA+(HS) Dark]
Rs. 11.25 lakh [XZ+(O)], Rs. 11.90 lakh [XZA+(O)]
Rs. 11.40 lakh [XZ+(O) Dual-tone], Rs. 12.05 lakh [XZA+(O) Dual-tone]
Rs. 11.55 lakh [XZ+(O) Dark], Rs. 12.20 lakh [XZA+(O) Dark]
Rs. 11.75 lakh [XZ+(P)], Rs. 12.40 lakh [XZA+(P)]
Rs. 11.90 lakh [XZ+(P) Dual-tone], Rs. 12.55 lakh [XZA+(P) Dual-tone] Rs. 11.19 lakh [Anniversary Edition iMT], Rs. 11.79 lakh [Anniversary Edition DCT]
Rs. 11.95 lakh [XZ+(P) Dark], Rs. 12.60 lakh [XZA+(P) Dark] Rs. 12.09 lakh [HTX Plus iMT]
Rs. 11.95 lakh [XZ+ Kaziranga], Rs. 12.60 [XZA+ Kaziranga] Rs. 12.45 lakh [GTX Plus iMT], Rs. 13.09 lakh [GTX Plus DCT]

Tata Nexon takes the win in the safety department; it gets a 5-star adult safety rating (as per Global NCAP crash test), which is quite impressive. Kia Sonet has not been crash-tested by Global NCAP yet.

2022 Kia Sonet interior

Tata Nexon vs Kia Sonet – price comparison (diesel variants)
Tata Nexon (diesel variants) Kia Sonet
Rs. 9.85 lakh [XM] Rs. 8.89 lakh [HTE]
Rs. 10.35 lakh [XM(S)], Rs. 11.0 lakh [XMA(S)] Rs. 9.69 lakh [HTK]
Rs. 11.55 lakh [XZ+], Rs. 12.20 lakh [XZA+] Rs. 10.35 lakh [HTK Plus]
Rs. 11.70 lakh [XZ+ Dual-tone], Rs. 12.35 lakh [XZA+ Dual-tone] Rs. 11.19 lakh [HTX], Rs. 11.99 lakh [HTX AT]
Rs. 11.85 lakh [XZ+ Dark], Rs. 12.50 lakh [XZA+ Dark] Rs. 11.59 lakh [Anniversary Edition MT], Rs. 12.39 lakh [Anniversary Edition AT]
Rs. 12.29 lakh [XZ+(HS)]
Rs. 12.45 lakh [XZ+(HS) Dual-tone]
Rs. 12.60 lakh [XZ+(HS) Dark], Rs. 13.25 lakh [XZA+(HS) Dark]
Rs. 12.55 lakh [XZ+(O)], Rs. 13.20 lakh [XZA+(O)]
Rs. 12.70 lakh [XZ+(O) Dual-tone], Rs. 13.35 lakh [XZA+(O) Dual-tone] Rs. 12.49 lakh [HTX Plus]
Rs. 12.85 lakh [XZ+(O) Dark], Rs. 13.50 lakh [XZA+(O) Dark] Rs. 12.85 lakh (GTX Plus), Rs. 13.69 lakh [GTX Plus AT]
Rs. 13.05 lakh [XZ+(P)], Rs. 13.70 lakh [XZA+(P)]
Rs. 13.20 lakh [XZ+(P) Dual-tone], Rs. 13.90 lakh [XZA+(P) Dual-tone]
Rs. 13.25 lakh [XZ+(P) Dark], Rs. 13.90 lakh [XZA+(P) Dark]
Rs. 13.25 lakh [XZ+ Kaziranga], Rs. 13.90 lakh [XZA+ Kaziranga]

Both SUVs have special edition versions on sale – Dark Edition and Kaziranga Edition for Nexon, and Anniversary Edition for Sonet. If you want to stand out from the crowd, we suggest opting for these.