Tata Nano Sandwiched Between 2 Honda City In Kerala – CCTV Video

Tata Nano Sandwiched Between 2 Honda City In Kerala - CCTV Video-1

CCTV footage from Kerala shows a Tata Nano being sandwiched between two white-coloured Honda City cars; while the sedans suffer quite some damage, the Nano doesn’t

Given the poor driving habits and utter disregard for traffic laws, it’s not unusual to see vehicles colliding with each other on our city streets. A recent incident in Kerala, whose recording you can see in the multimedia on this page, wouldn’t have raised many eyebrows, but more than the mishap, it’s resulting condition of the vehicle that seems to have caught the attention of many social media users.

As seen in images and a video that has gone viral, a Tata Nano is sandwiched between two white-coloured Honda City sedans on a street in Kerala. The mishap was caught by a CCTV camera positioned on the road. As can be seen in the video, a red-coloured first-gen Hyundai Santro slows down to pass over a speedbreaker. As a result, even the white-coloured Honda City immediately behind the Korean hatchback also reduces speed. Now, this is where the action takes place.

A yellow-coloured Tata Nano was Immediately behind the first Honda City. With the cars in front slowing down, even the driver of the Nano had to reduce the speed. However, another white-coloured City behind the Nano seems to have accelerated instead of slowing down. As a result, the second Honda City collided with the Tata Nano and the impact of the collision was enough to push the Nano forward and collide with the rear-end of the first Honda City.

As can be seen, both the Honda City sedans that were a part of the mishap have suffered sufficient damage. While the front-end of the second City has suffered from a twisted hood and a broken bumper, the posterior of the City in front of the Tata Nano has received a dent on its bootlid and a damaged rear bumper. Interesting, the Tata Nano has emerged out of the situation with just a deformed rear registration plate.

Clearly, this mishap is the fault of the driver of the second Honda City, who failed to slow down in conjunction with the vehicles at the front. There are good chances that he was distracted due to use of mobile phone and realized that he needs to brake a bit too late.

In panic, he seems to have hit the acceleration instead of the brake pedal, which resulted into a pretty big impact with the Tata Nano right in front. Like we said, there’s a long way to go before drivers in our country get more responsible and this incident is a clear example of how things can go wrong if one doesn’t take driving as a serious tas