Tata Harrier Could Be A Bad Dream For Jeep Compass; Here’s Why

tata harrier side view

Tata will soon launch the flagship SUV Harrier in the market, it can hit the Jeep Compass sales in the Indian market because of many reasons!

Tata Motors has become extremely aggressive with their new products in the market. After the success of the Tiago and Nexon, the Indian manufacturer is now planning to launch their flagship product, the Harrier. Tata has been testing the Harrier relentlessly and the bookings for the upcoming SUVs have been opened too. The SUV is expected to be launched by the end of January and wil take on the Jeep Compass in the market directly.

The Compass is already feeling the heat in the segment after the launch of the new XUV 500 and the sales have come down by a good margin. With the Harrier launch scheduled to happen soon, the days ahead for the Jeep Compass do not look promising. Why the Tata Harrier can be a nightmare for Jeep Compass in India? Here are the reasons why.

1. Value for money

Tata products have always been known for being extremely value for money whereas the Jeep Compass has been criticised quite a lot for being overpriced in India. As per several reports, the Tata Harrier will be priced at around Rs. 16 lakhs, on road for the base variant.

The Tata Harrier will be offered only with the diesel engine unlike the Compass, which is also available with a turbocharged petrol engine. At Rs. 16 lakhs, on road, the Tata Harrier would be much cheaper than the Jeep Compass diesel, which starts at around Rs. 18.5 lakhs, on road.

2. Way more spacious

tata harrier interior dashboard images

There’s no doubt that Indians love spacious cars and the Jeep Compass is not the most spacious vehicle in the market. Even after paying a good sum of money many owners have reported about the cramped rear seat space in the Compass. Tata knows the Indian market well and they know how space matters in making a car successful.

Even though Tata has not officially revealed the interior of the Harrier, the dimensions are known. The Harrier is significantly bigger than the Jeep Compass. The Harrier measures 4,575 mm in length, 1,960 mm in width and 1,686 mm in height. The Compass measures 4,395mmX1,818mmX1,640mm. All the exterior dimension would translate into more space in the cabin.

3. Looks radical

The Jeep Compass gets an iconic design that will remain timeless for a long time to come. The Harrier, on the other hand, gets a radical, imposing and modern design that will turn heads on the road.

When Tata revealed the H5X concept at the 2018 Auto Expo, it announced that the production version of the H5X would look similar to the concept version and recent pictures reveal that the production version of the Harrier would be extremely close to the concept model. In fact, Tata official said that 85% of the design elements of the H5X would be present in the Harrier when it is launched and the new pictures tell us the same.


The Tata Harrier would be much bigger than the Compass and would have an imposing stance on the road too. Indians love intimidating looks on the vehicles and the Harrier would provide just the same.

4. Same engine

Tata officially revealed that the engine powering the Harrier would be known as the KRYOTEC. It is the 2.0-litre Multijet engine supplied by Fiat to Tata. The same engine powers the Jeep Compass diesel in India.

Tata has not revealed the power output of the engine but it is expected to be around 140 Bhp, which is lower than the Compass but would feel enough on the Indian roads. Lower power would translate into better fuel efficiency and we all know that fuel-efficient cars are much more successful in the Indian market than the fast cars. Tata would use the right strategy to attract the customers.

Tata Harrier SUV To Be Powered by 2.0-litre Kryotec Diesel Engine

5. Loaded with features

Tata Harrier is expected to be feature-rich, just like all other Tata cars in the line-up. Jeep Compass misses out on a lot of features like cruise control. The Harrier would come with a long list of features including sunroof, leather seats, cruise control, automatic transmission with the diesel engine and much more. It will be a very well-rounded package when compared to the Jeep Compass.