Will The Suzuki GSX-R400 Be Revived In India?

Suzuki GSX-R400 India Comeback Possible

The Suzuki GSX-R400 was one of the most respected names of its time with inline four cylinder motor being its biggest highlight

The renowned Japanese auto major Suzuki has recently announced its upcoming product strategy for India. The manufacturer indeed seems really aggressive and is all set to launch premium two-wheelers in both motorcycle and scooter segments in the coming years. Also, the company has plans to locally manufacture its high end bikes and scooters in the time to come that will result in a significant dip in their pricing.

Also, Suzuki intends to take its sales figure to 1 million units by the year 2020. The company is quite optimistic about this number and is willing to entirely reboot its strategies to achieve the feat.

Suzuki GSX-R400 India Comeback Possible 1

Now, when talking of the products that will be rolled out by Suzuki in future, reports suggest that a 150cc premium scooter along with a sub 400cc cruiser are in the making. Besides these, Suzuki has also hinted that it will manufacture the smaller versions of the legendary GSX family in the country.

When the two words ‘smaller’ and ‘GSX’ come together, the GSX-250R first strikes the mind. But other than that, the name that appears is the GSX-R400 that got retired almost two decades back. The legendary motorcycle was respected at its time and its engine was its biggest highlight. Powering the Suzuki GSX-R400 was a 398cc, inline four cylinder engine that managed to crank out respective power and torque outputs of 53 bhp and 37.2 Nm. The water cooled engine had a 16-valve configuration.

Suzuki GSX-R400 India Comeback Possible 2

Now, it will be interesting to see that the new Suzuki GSX-R400, if makes a re-entry to India, will come with a four cylinder set up or not. We believe that the motorcycle might be introduced with a twin cylinder engine with power output ranging between 50 and 60 bhp.

Expect the bike to come with upside down forks, an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and a full digital instrument cluster. Suzuki GSX-R400 is expected to be priced close to Rs. 3.5 lakh (ex-showroom) and we really hope that despite the company arriving to the party late, arrives in style.