Suzuki Gixxer Skid Plate Offered to Solve Ground Clearance Problem

Suzuki Gixxer Skid Plate India

Suzuki Gixxer Skid Plate solves out the bottoming on big speed breakers and bad roads, protects key parts of the engine from getting damaged

Gixxer, on a monthly basis has been somehow in the lime light for all the right reasons. After the launch at good price, the reviews which followed were good too. However, there were some issues and it does not Scott free. Cornering clearance is an issue with the motorcycle as the footpegs are set lower for the bikes as it is all set to accommodate ‘height-ed’ riders as well. However, ground clearance has also been issue with the motorcycle.

Previously there were other problems with the bikes such as rusting, if to believe rumors, those were solved too by Suzuki officially. Today, the ground clearance problem is being solved by offering a skid plate to the customers who are facing these issues. We believe if they come with the issue to the service center they will be offered this skid plate or else people continue without it if they don’t face the issue.

Suzuki Gixxer Dual Color Edition 1

This will be done to make sure they don’t damage the catalyzer of the exhaust and other critical parts in the under belly of the Gixxer. Suzuki Gixxer Skid Plate comes in white color seen in the picture above. It is skinny looking skid plate which intensifies (breadth increases) as it goes lower and has vents on it.

The skid plate starts from the diamond chassis main tube at the front to make sure it look aesthetically pleasing and appeals as well. There isn’t recall happening any time soon the way Suzuki approach towards this is. This skid plate is being offered as an accessory for Rs 1600. Let’s wait for an official words from Suzuki, if any.

Suzuki wants to make sure their flawless product remains 100% problem free thanks to the criticism and feedback it seems to be taking seriously by media and customers. Suzuki Gixxer is the most sorted out bike in terms of performance, comfort and style as it offers a faired version as well for our fairing loving market. It is going to face tough time as we are all set to see the Honda CB Hornet 160R coming soon.

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