Super-capable Russian Amphibious Vehicle – Sherp, Lands in India

Sherp Lands India Side View

The Russian ATV – Sherp, is slated to make its Indian debut soon as the brand has imported two examples to showcase to the interested enthusiasts

Amphibious vehicles are known for their capabilities of travelling on the world’s toughest terrains. In fact, they can even float on water. One of the most loved products from this segment is the Sherp. And the good news is that Sherp is coming to India. The brand has recently made an Instagram account, and they have posted a video of two examples making their way out of a container on Indian soil.

The ATV will be making its Indian debut as a part of a tour scheduled from July 5 to July 10 in Manesar, Haryana. The brand is looking forward to having a batch of enthusiasts experience the Sherp in its most loved habitat – the treacherous terrains.

The Sherp is often referred to as the most obnoxious-looking ATV in existence. It features a rather small cabin that sits in between the gigantic 63” tyres. Moreover, the tread pattern on these tyres is designed to offer the highest level of traction. Thus, the Sherp can quite literally climb any cliff without breaking a sweat.
The Sherp is a small vehicle. It measures only 3,400 mm in length, and it is 2,520 mm wide while being 2,300 mm tall. To ensure that it never fails at making its way through the unexplored terrains, Sherp gets a slew of gadgetries on board, like the tyre inflation system and more.

Powering the Sherp is a 1.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that puts out 45 PS of peak power. Thankfully, it weighs only 1300 kilos, and hence, boasts of a top speed of 45 kmph. Filtering the power to the wheels is a 5-speed manual gearbox. Interestingly, the Sherp misses out on a steering wheel. It gets a skid steering system, wherein the tyres of one side can be locked to steer the Sherp.

Sherp Lands India Side View

The Russian firm is yet to announce the Sherp’s price in the Indian market. In the United States of America, it retails at around Rs. 43 lakh. The entry-level trim of the Sherp is sold with a soft top canopy. The optional extras on this weird yet capable all-terrain vehicle include a hardtop, a bigger 50L fuel tank, and even an onboard generator. And it can also seat four occupants. However, the seat belts are available only for two of them.