Speeding Car Hits Pedestrians In Mohali, Four Dead – CCTV Video

Speeding car rams into divider in Mohali

The CCTV video of the accident shows the car in question losing control and ramming into the divider [VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED]

Four people were killed and two more were reportedly injured in an accident on Sunday (28th November), when a speeding Hyundai Verna hit a divider and overturned. The incident took place on the Chandigarh-Ludhiana highway near Gharuan village at around 2:30 PM, and it was captured by CCTV cameras on the road.

The video shows an overspeeding blue sedan gunning down the highway when it suddenly loses control and swerves into the divider. Sadly, there were two people on the road there, standing near the Zebra crossing, likely waiting for the oncoming vehicles to pass before they attempted to cross. They were identified as Surinder Singh and Zameel Khan, both auto-rickshaw drivers.

Both the pedestrians were thrown violently away when the car hit them and were killed in the accident. Two of the four occupants of the car also lost their lives – Sanjeet Kumar and Vikramjeet Singh – while the other two – Ankush and Rahul Yadav – were reported to be injured. As per bystanders, the car flipped over several times and then skid upside down until it hit an electric pole and stopped.

The speed of the vehicle must have been quite high, as the trail of destruction seen in the video is quite massive. Several locals rushed to the spot after the accident occurred. Incidents like these should serve as cautionary tales for others to not flout traffic rules and to maintain proper road manners, as mistakes on the road can be deadly for you and others.

Road accidents are a major cause of death and injury in India. As per the National Crime Records Bureau (under Union Ministry of Home Affairs), a total of 3,54,796 road accidents were reported in India in 2020, in which 1,33,201 people lost their lives and 3,35,201 people were injured. Over 60 per cent of said accidents were reported to have occurred due to overspeeding.

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In recent times, many automakers in India have been paying attention to vehicle safety, offering plenty of necessary safety measures, along with advanced safety features. However, even advanced technology can prove to fall short when careless drivers are behind the wheel.