Skoda Could Introduce Illuminated Seatbelt Buckles In Its Cars Soon

skoda-illuminated-seatbelt-buckles 1

The illuminated seatbelt buckles from Skoda can also be programmed with a welcoming message and it helps securing the seatbelt easily

Most of us are always on a hurry while starting from home to work in the morning and the seatbelt buckle could annoy at certain times as it is cannot be found easily mainly in the dark. Or, let us say in a car that you are driving for the first time. We have seen many clever technologies demonstrated and introduced by manufacturers to improve the comfort and convenience factors of the customers.

Skoda does not shy away from new innovations though as it appears to be evaluating the production of illuminated seatbelt buckles. The Czech Republican automaker has patented the technology and it comes with a transparent button in place of the regular red coloured buckle.

It works in a way that the illuminated seatbelt buckle changes from white to green colour when buckled up. The multiple colour LED system is integrated into the seatbelt buckle for better illumination and the white colour changes to red when the driver and passenger sit in the seat. According to Skoda, this would help family based customers.
The driver can easily see whether the seatbelt is buckled up on child’s seat even on the go and whether it is properly engaged or not. It can be programmed to have a display sequence and therefore, it will be hassle free mainly during the night times. It can also be integrated into the ambient lighting system. It is one of the many new features Skoda has designed, engineered and developed on its own.

It is no secret that Skoda files for a host of patent applications every year and it will be interesting to see if it will make it to production phase. An indigenous camera system has also been patented and it will be used during manufacturing for the perfect alignment of components of a particular model with the highest precision before welding processes begin.

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