Royal Enfield Dumps 250 Customers in India?

royal enfield dumps customers

RE has launched the new 350 Signal Edition with Dual Channel ABS model that looks much like the Pegasus 500 limited edition version, thereby leaving no exclusivity for Pegasus owners

Not long ago, Royal Enfield, the legendary retro motorcycle maker, launched the Peagasus 500 Limited Edition motorcycle. Based on the Classic 500, the Pegasus 500 comes with bespoke elements that give the motorcycle a distinct look. These unique features pay homage to the British Army and are symbolic to the company’s association with the World War II.

The Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 was launched at an ex-showroom price of Rs 2.49 lakh, which made it a pretty expensive proposition. Its production was limited to just 250 units and the entire stock was lapped up by the RE aficionados within moments of the commencement of the sale.


And just when we thought that the Pegasus owners would have been feeling like a special lot, Royal Enfield dropped a bomb on them by launching the Royal Classic Signals 350 – a motorcycle that not only comes with all the unique features of the Pegasus but also gets a dual channel ABS.

What’s more, the Signals isn’t even a limited edition model. Plus, at Rs 1.61 lakh, the Royal Enfield Signals 350 is significantly cheaper. Several Pegasus owners, who have bought the supposedly unique motorcycles by paying a premium, are feeling cheated. Some have even written to Royal Enfield to express their displeasure.

A Royal Enfield Pegasus owner, speaking on behalf of several other owners of the special edition motorcycle, has said.” We’ve decided that if RE Signals is delivered to customers with this same design (with stencilled serial nos. & positioning of 2 logos at the front of fuel tank), we all will DONATE our Pegasus to the respective Municipalities of our respective cities & we will contribute to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. If the company doesn’t keep value of their prestigious customers, we too will not keep the value of their most hyped bike.”

Hence, it’s quite clear that the 250 owners of the Pegasus, who have paid a premium for their motorcycle, feel cheated with the launch of the Signals 350. In its defence, this is what a Royal Enfield representative has replied –

royal enfield reply pegasus owners