Revolt Electric Motorcycle With Artificial Exhaust Note Launching Tomorrow

revolt electric motorcycle exhaust

Revolt Motors founded by ex-Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma aims to disrupt the EV market by offering an electric bike with customisable exhaust notes

Every established vehicle manufacturer is rushing to implement electric technology to their vehicles, understanding that the future of mobility calls for EVs. However, it is the new start-ups that are breaking the barriers and bringing something new and interesting to the table. One such brand is the Revolt Motors, founded by ex-Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma.

Revolt recently announced their first electric motorcycle which will be India’s first AI enabled bike and will be unveiled on the 18th June 2019. The highlight of the Revolt e-Bike is a customizable exhaust note that you can change as per your requirement and taste.

This is a unique offering for any EV as by the virtue of it, and electric vehicle is silent with no exhaust and no emissions. And this why many people tend to move away from EVs, because of lack of exhaust sound. Especially with motorcycle enthusiasts, exhaust note matters a lot.

With the Revolt’s unnamed eBike, this problem not only will be addressed but taken to a new level with a mobile app that will allow you to choose an exhaust note of your preference. Revolt has released a new teaser video highlight this unique feature.

In the video, a rider switches from a high-revving, single-cylinder sound to a four-cylinder one. However, there are reports that it will have four exhaust notes. Just so you know, the bike will get an LTE-connected 4G SIM and the company is importing batteries. Revolt, however, is locally manufacturing the Battery Management System (BMS) and the Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

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In terms of performance, Revolt bike will get an ARAI certified all-electric range of 156 km, and a top speed of 85 kmph. There’s also a swappable battery system. The design and other features will be revealed on 18th June. It is known that the e-bike will get a complex swingarm setup, bolt-on subframe, USD fork, monoshock and front disc brake.