Renault-Nissan Plans To Split Up Managerial Roles For Better Operations


Splitting of managerial roles could take place across entire ecosystem of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance

Renault-Nissan alliance is planning to split up various managerial roles for better operations in coming future. Chairman of the alliance, Mr. Carlos Ghosn has confirmed it by saying managerial roles will be divided between those dealing with strategic matters and those handling the operational issues of the group. Another member of the alliance, Mitsubishi will also see the change in managerial ecosystem.

As Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance aims to become bigger player in the world automobile market in coming years, this move will smoothen its operations significantly helping the group to achieve better efficiency. No wonder, this move could play key role in making the group an even bigger player in the world market.


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In India too, the alliance could introduce changes. Interestingly, the group is focusing to launch several new products in the global market by 2022 as part of its strategy christened as Alliance 2022. Under this strategy, Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi will roll out 22 electric vehicles combined. We can expect several models from the alliance to be introduced in Indian market as well, considering the fact that India is going to be even bigger automobile market space in coming years.

As we reported earlier, all the three members of the alliance aim to launch around 9 million vehicles in the global market. These vehicles will be based on four different platforms. Despite the hiccups in sales few years back, Renault has moved back swiftly and thanks to its alliance with Nissan, the company has been able to grab greater chunk in world automobile sales.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept 3

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Entrance of Mitsubishi in the alliance has strengthened the group further. All the three car manufacturers have been sharing technologies, platforms and components for their future products. This synergy will surely help the three brands to grow further in near future.

Meanwhile, splitting up the various managerial roles in the operational and strategic segments will enhance the efficiency and will help the alliance in bringing more swiftness.